Haikyû review !! 1 and 2

The Planeta Cómic publishing house revolutionized the last quarter of the year with the Haikyû license !! and here we leave you our opinion of its first two volumes

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, the art of manga is capable of touching all sticks possible in terms of genres. At present there are an infinity of topics to be dealt with within the art of Japanese comics, there are some specific genres that tend to get more popular What others. Today we are going to discuss one of the genres that raises the most fans in this type of comic: the spokon.

Within the possibilities that manga have, the genre focused on sports is something that certainly draws a lot of attention in Japan. If you also do it as if it were a path to improvement and with constant improvement in some protagonists who do not have enough gifts, the target audience increases considerably, since everyone wants to put themselves in that skin. It is a formula that works perfectly and if you know how to use it to your advantage you can do it whatever sport.

In the last stretch of this 2021, the editorial Comic Planet he wanted to give a bombshell In our country. After many fans were asking for his license, in the end the manga of Haikyû !! has arrived in our country in a takobon edition, like those of a lifetime, with a very succulent starter pack. We couldn’t get lost the opportunity to taste it and give our opinion about it, knowing that you are among the highest rated sports manga.

Haikyû !! - spokon

Then after having been able to enjoy of the first two volumes of this manga, we are going to give you our opinion about it. As we usually comment, we will not speak with big spoilers, we will simply discuss the basics and our opinion about the style and way of telling the story. Without adding anything else, let’s start with the review.

Perfect spokon, but not for all audiences

Haikyû !! - spokon

Let’s see where i start so it’s not too rough. Starting off, Haikyû !! It’s a great story for a sports manga, that is, it meets all the requirements of the basic spokon, but maybe that’s why it can become tedious or, sometimes, difficult to understand in its manga version. Why do I say the latter emphasizing the manga version? Because surely the anime version is much more frantic And that, whether you like it or not, makes it more enjoyable.

Generally, the manga on this theme they have two very clear aspects: be realistic and look for the closer look at what could happen in reality or that a specific sport is treated with elements that are quite surreal but perfectly match the world in which it develops. Haikyû !!, like Slam Dunk, belong to the first of the groups, while sleeves like Champions or Kuroko no Basket will shoot more for the latter. This type of slope will be the key to attracting the attention of the target audience, but he has not quite succeeded.

Let’s do a review by the sport that is being treated. Volleyball is a sport that does not have the same impact as basketball and soccer, so it is possible that if you do not enjoy it the same, the volumes of Haikyû !! become somewhat slower. However, the plot is most interesting and collect all the good of this genre, but the mere fact of focusing it so much on a sport and being totally realistic and technical, makes can become niche.

Thoroughly analyzing history we have all the clear elements of a spokon, since we have two opposing characters, such as Hinata and Kageyama, who will have to work together, despite their differences, to move the team forward. One of them is a prodigy, while the other is a little clumsier but has potential. Its development it is well thought out and the rest of the characters will enrich these two much more, something that makes it a spectacular spokon that repeats the basic structure.

Haikyû !! - spokon

By this I mean that the story is bad and does not hook? Not at all, simply that in a profile like mine, where I prefer other sports and who was completely unaware of volleyball technicalities, Haruichi Furudate’s manga has made me a little ball. Despite this, there is a desire to know more and I think that matches win a lot in anime, so I do not rule out taking a look at it or continue with something else from the manga.

Haruichi Furudate does a great job with that in-between style

Haikyû !!

It will be important to stop at the drawing style of this series. Without a doubt, Furudate achieves a unique style for the manga and, perhaps, is the most striking that I take from all this. When we were talking about manga like MASHLE or One-Punch Man that are capable of combining and contrast two very disparate styles, here in Haikyû !! something very interesting is achieved: a middle ground.

We are faced with a style of drawing that tries to hold on to the more technical elements of the manga, like the great features and somewhat caricatured bodies. Despite all this, the movements and bodies of the characters come to be seen as something incredibly natural and, that when they are in motion, it seems the most realistic thing in the world.

It is true that we will not have a pure detail in the lines of his characters, as we could see in other spokons such as Real or Kokou no Hito, but their way of showing us the movement and spectacularity that overflow volleyball matches is something completely unique. To Caesar what belongs to Caesar and is that in this section we can not get any fault.

There will be those who prefer more one style or another for this type of sleeves, but in the case that now concerns us, it fits very well with what they are trying to tell us: a story of teens who love volleyball and give it their all. Being something tremendously realistic we do not see the characters perform feats of the other world, but something as simple as finishing or receiving a ball, are so impressive ver en el arte de Haruichi Furudate, which overshadows some of its shortcomings.

An edition of Planeta Cómic that will accompany us on a long journey

Things clear: Haikyû !! it is not a short sleeve. It is important to comment on this because many people do not tend to get on the bandwagon with very long sleeves, since they usually last a long time and not everyone has the space and money to be able to get all the volumes. Being a total of 45 volumes in the tankobon editionPlaneta Cómic plans to bring them the same edition but edited by them in Spain.

Haikyû !!

Nowadays we already count with the third volume in our countrys, although I recommend that you try the first two as we have done that do not cost more than 10 euros both. For sures is a very cheap way to get into this manga and give it a try. As we always say, we encourage you to give it a try for yourselves, since your own opinion is worth much more.

Haikyû !!

Haikyû !! 1 and 2 – Synopsis

ISBN: 978-8-413-42626-6

Synopsis: Takemichi I can jump !! Shôyô Hinata is fascinated by volleyball, so in middle school, she participates in her first and last official games of the season. However, he suffers a crushing defeat at the hands of the promising young Tobio Kageyama, nicknamed the “King of the Court.” So Hinata vows revenge and applies to join the Karasuno High School Volleyball Club!

Author: Haruichi Furudate.