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Haikyû Special !! # 1: the view from above

“A wall stretches out before me. What is the view on the other side? What will I see beyond? “

This is how it starts Haikyû !!, one of the best and most influential cool of the last few years. Its freshness, its funny and endearing characters, and the emotion that it exudes in each and every one of its pages have put it at the top deservedly. His anime adaptation crossed borders, penetrating the depths of the fans, who did not hesitate to start asking for the license of the original material. If the series had come to Spain from the hand of Select VisionWhy couldn’t the manga do it?

Their 45 volumes and a more than doubtful passage through our country of other works of the genre cool did improbable that the adventures of the boys of the Karasuno will arrive on paper to the Spanish market. However, the insistence of the Spanish fans has paid off and Haikyû !! finally lands in Spain hand in hand with Comic Planet, surrounded by a lot of expectation, both for the good and for the bad.

Today, October 20, they get for sale both the first volume of Haikyû !! like a more than appetizing pack with the first two volumes of the work. For this reason, and in order not to get off the “wave of hype” that produces us Haikyû !!, we present the first installment of our Haikyû Special !!. In each chapter we talk about different arcs / games, characters, curiosities and even the odd surprise. For this debut, we started, of course, at the beginning, covering the first four volumes, from chapter 1 to 34.

Arco: Formation of the Karasuno Institute team

Chapters: This arc covers from chapter 1 to 34, contained in four volumes that were released to the Japanese market between June 2012 and January 2013.


Haikyû !! from the beginning with Shôyo Hinata, our protagonist, falling in love with volleyball thanks to a game broadcast on television. With this confrontation, a young man Hinata is spellbound by a player known as the “Little Giant”, a member of the team of Karasuno of short stature and that, despite this, manages to finish above his rivals.

Since then Hinata begins to be interested in the sport, to the point of forming a volleyball club in his elementary school. Although the little Shoyo he was the only member. Even so, Hinata He doesn’t give up and trains both on his own and with the help of his friends and the Housewives Association team. This determination pays off and he manages to convince five friends to participate in a tournament against other elementary schools.

Unfortunately, his amateur team has the misfortune to face the strongest team in the tournament: the Kitagawa Daichi. On this team is a prodigious player named Tobio Kageyama, nicknamed «The king of the track».

Despite the crushing defeat for the hopeful team, Hinata and Kageyama they will become rivals. A confrontation that will lead them to develop their skills to the highest level to face in the future.

However, after graduating, they both surprisingly find themselves on the same team, the Karasuno High School club. A team in decline, the remains of a golden age, and one goal: to become the best team at the national level.

How will they carry Hinata and Kageyama their intense rivalry? The team of Karasuno he will begin to take his first steps in these volumes before he can take flight. And for this, we must know all the pillars of this team of crows.

Characters you shouldn’t take your eye off

Shôyo Hinata: Our protagonist and, as its name suggests, the sunbeam of the Karasuno. Hinata he is short to play volleyball, but, inspired by the “Little Giant”, he dreams of being part of the Institute team Karasuno. After much effort, Hinata he achieves his goal and in these first volumes he manages to win over the heart of the reader thanks to his sympathy, optimism and tenacity.

Tobio Kageyama: A prodigy player from an early age. His great control of the ball leads him to position himself as one of the most promising players of his generation. Unfortunately, this pressure and desire to go further generates a selfish and dictatorial attitude, which will lead him to receive the nickname “King of the track.”

Yū Nishinoya: Under the nickname of «The protector god of the Karasuno»We meet a second-year player. A tenacious and energetic receiver that transmits confidence to any player on the court. But, despite this, he is a player who is not active. What will have happened so that he is not at the volleyball club for the moment?

Kozume Kenma: This withdrawn and seemingly disinterested boy in everything except video games is the brilliant setter of the Nekoma, the rival team of Karasuno. Despite their very different personalities, Kenma and Hinata they will quickly become friends and support and influence each other to bring out the best in themselves.


  • In the first one-shot about Haikyû !! that Haruichi Furudate drew in January 2011, Kageyama He wore the number 10, a number that he finally awarded to Hinata in regular publication. Kageyama he kept the 9.
  • In the second one-shot that Furudate published in April 2011, before starting the serialization of Haikyû !!, Tsukishima he was a sophomore, not a freshman. What’s more, Hinata He had never played volleyball before and was not a starter on the team.