Haikyuu: 5 best things about timeskip (& 5 worst)

Even after the end of the manga Haikyuu !!, there is a lot to discuss for fans. The final arc of the series is a jump in time that shows what each character has been doing with their lives after their high school volleyball days. Although some of the characters have decided to continue their volleyball careers, most have decided to lead normal lives with stable jobs.

The timeskip arc contains a lot of new information about all the characters in the series for fans to take in. There are many good things to highlight about the arc, but there are also some things that left fans disappointed or wanting more.

10 BEST: Tanaka and Kiyoko get married

Throughout the series, fans have witnessed Tanka chasing after Kiyoko for her love and affection. She even gets to fight with other boys who try to flirt with her. Although it seems that Kiyoko cares little for Tanaka, she doesn’t. In fact, Kiyoko does care about him, as evidenced when she mentions that Tanaka is always on top and that she often lets him ride with her. However, it is still a pleasant surprise to see these two end up getting married.

9 WORST: Missing Asahi and Nishinoya in Time Skiphaikyuu 5 mejores cosas del salto temporal y 5 peores 1

One thing that can be considered a disappointment in the timeskip is the lack of content involving Asahi and Nishinoya. One might think that these characters are not important at all even though they are part of the main team of the series and have their own backstories. In the timeskip, Asahi and Nishinoya do not appear at the Olympics and are instead said to be traveling the world together. While it’s great that they are doing what they love, it would have been nice if they met everyone else at the Olympics.

8 BEST: Kageyama plays for the Schweiden Adlershaikyuu 5 mejores cosas del salto temporal y 5 peores 2

Being a fan favorite character, fans have high expectations for Kageyama’s future, and the timeskip doesn’t disappoint in that regard. Upon graduation, Kageyama went on to play for the Japan national team, and a couple of years later he joined the professional league and played for Schweiden Adlers.

Fans can’t get enough of watching the Schweiden Adlers as they can see Kageyama play other characters like Ushijima and Hoshiuma, whom he has competed with in the past.

7 WORST: Daichi’s police career doesn’t really suit himhaikyuu 5 mejores cosas del salto temporal y 5 peores 3

During the timeskip, the main team’s occupations are revealed. After graduation, Daichi joins the Miyagi Prefectural Police Department. This is quite disappointing, as being a cop doesn’t fit Daichi’s character well. Before the timeskip, it seemed like he would make a perfect corporate leader as he was a great leader for the team and was always leading them in the right direction.

6 BEST: Kenma gets rich and successfulhaikyuu 5 mejores cosas del salto temporal y 5 peores 4

The Serie Haikyuu !! It has a great cast, and the time jump shows what each character has done. However, the most successful character in the entire series ends up being Kenma. During the timeskip, Kenma is a college student who is also a stockbroker, professional gamer, famous Youtuber, and a member of the Board of Bouncing Ball Corp. With all these occupations, Kenma is making a name for himself, and is without a doubt the most successful despite his lazy personality.

5 WORST: Hinata feels homesick in Brazilhaikyuu 5 mejores cosas del salto temporal y 5 peores 5

After graduation, Hinata moves to Brazil to learn about beach volleyball. However, Hinata gets off to a rocky start and begins to feel lonely. After moving to Brazil, Hinata realizes that her roommate is not at all sociable, and the language barrier does not help. Also, it can be very difficult to adjust to a foreign country completely alone.

Seeing Hinata feeling homesick is heartbreaking as she is usually a bubbly person who lifts our spirits.

4 BEST: Hinata plays for the Black Jackalshaikyuu 5 mejores cosas del salto temporal y 5 peores 6

Hinata is the main character of Haikyuu, so the timeskip focuses more on him. After graduation, Hinata goes to Brazil to learn about beach volleyball, and a couple of years later she joins the professional league playing for the Black Jackals. The Black Jackals’ team dynamics make them definitely fan favorites as they get to see Hinata play other popular characters like Atsuma, Bokuto, and Sakusa.

3 WORST: Iconic duos no longer play volleyball togetherhaikyuu 5 mejores cosas del salto temporal y 5 peores 7

Haikyuu! has featured great duos throughout the series. In the timeskip, some duos remain close friends but no longer play volleyball together. This is precisely the case with Kenma and Kuroo.

Another example is Bokuto and Akaashi. Bokuto continues his volleyball career, while Akaashi chooses a different path that ultimately separates the two friends.

2 BEST: Hinata and Kageyama reunite at the Olympicshaikyuu 5 mejores cosas del salto temporal y 5 peores 8

With Hinata playing for the Black Jackals and Kageyama for the Schweiden Adlers, it’s easy to lose the dynamic between these two as teammates. Fortunately, the end of the timeskip reveals that Hinata and Kageyama are playing the Olympics together again. This moment of the timeskip shows what the whole series has led to. All of Karasuno’s victories and defeats and all of the challenges that Hinata and Kageyama have faced are now recognized. Fans couldn’t be more proud to see them together again at the Olympics.

1 WORST: The series ends with a cliffhanger at the Olympicshaikyuu 5 mejores cosas del salto temporal y 5 peores 9

At the end of the manga, Hinata and Kageyama are part of the Japanese team for the Olympics, but they are not the only ones who are in the Olympics: Oikawa plays for the Argentine team. This makes fans want to see how the match between Argentina and Japan unfolds, but the actual match is never shown. Although the manga reveals that both teams are about to compete with each other, it ends up as an unsolved cliffhanger.