Haikyuu announced!! Touch The Dream, the game that will adapt the famous anime

Now that we also know that the end of the anime will be given as movies, it seems that a new hot season of volleyball is coming

Haikyuu!! is one of the best sports anime in history, and a few weeks ago they announced that they would launch a series of movies through which adapt the final stretch of the manga. Because indeed, we still have a few important games to watch from Hinata and Kageyama, and obviously something that always helps to create hype is launch a video game Indeed, that’s what “Haikyuu!! Touch The Dream” is about.

Get your smartphone ready for Haikyuu!! Touch The Dream, the game that recovers the anime

Before dealing with what little has been said about Haikyuu!! Touch The Dream, I leave you with the first teaser that has been launched on the game in question (via ShonenLeaks):

And seen this mini mini mini Haikyuu teaser!! Touch The Dream, I tell you now of how little progress has been made on the project:

  • To begin with, I understand that what you will be most interested in knowing is a release date. Well, there isn’t. Yes indeed, in the teaser it is said that it will arrive soon, although it remains to be discovered if it will have a global release or if there will be some kind of delay in terms of international distribution. ❓
  • On the other hand, the company in charge of developing Haikyuu!! Touch The Dream is G-Holdingswhich in their history have Attack on Titan: Brave Order, The Quintessential Quintuplets: The Quintuplets Can’t Divide the Puzzle Into Five Equal Parts and more mobile games of anime franchises (or anime cut, failing that). ✔️
  • How will the gameplay be? About that there are 0 details, at least at the time of writing the article. Yes indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if as usual it was a gacha game where you can summon your own Haikyuu characters!!, thus each making their own teams with the players and coaches from the anime. ❓

Actually, I would like to see a little bit of Haikyuu!! Touch The Dream because if it’s like I’ve described, I’m still interested in giving it a try. At the time I got a bit burned with the anime porridge, basically because they started throwing one after another. But after a period of relaxation this game may be perfect to return to it.