Haikyuu Cosplay Highlights Kiyoko’s Best Look

A great Haikyuu cosplay really scores points with Kiyoko Shimizu’s best look in the series! Haruichi Furudate’s original manga series is currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of its first publication in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and fans have already seen the series return with a special new chapter telling fans how each of the characters have been living since the end. . from the original series. With so many characters introduced over the course of the series, it’s actually quite difficult for many fans to decide which of the characters they like best overall.

Even with all the volleyball players that make up Karasuno’s team and every other high school team, one character that makes it to many fan favorite lists is Kiyoko. Team’s cool-behaved manager Karasuno had some great moments on his own, but one of the coolest was actually a makeover shown in chapter 99 of the series that imagined Kiyoko and fellow manager Hitoka Yachi as as team members. Now, this look has been brought to life thanks to artist @emi.apollo on Instagram, and it proves why it’s a fan-favorite makeover for the character! Check it out below:

If you wanted to check Haikyuu for yourself, the entire manga series is complete (including the brand new chapter released for its 10th anniversary) and now available with Viz Media’s Shonen Jump Digital Library with a paid subscription. All four seasons of the anime, movies, and OAD specials are now available to stream with HIDIVE and Crunchyroll. They describe HaikyuuThe anime adaptation of as such:

“Based on the original Weekly Shonen Jump manga series by Haruichi Furudate, Haikyu!! is a slice-of-life sports anime that revolves around Shoyo Hinata’s love for volleyball. Inspired by a short professional volleyball player, Hinata creates a volleyball team. in his final year of college. Unfortunately, the team faces “King of the Court” Tobio Kageyama’s team in their first tournament and inevitably loses. After the crushing defeat, Hinata swears to surpass Kageyama After entering high school, Hinata joins the volleyball team only to find that Tobio has also joined.

What do you think? How did you like Haikyuuis manga run? Do you hope to see another season of the anime one day? Where does Kiyoko rank among your favorite characters in the series overall? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments!