Haikyuu!!: Where to watch the full anime

I think if I say that “Haikyuu!!It is one of the best sports animes in the entire history of the Japanese animation sector, absolutely no one is going to take me against it. There are many of us who have already enjoyed the Karasuno matches and especially the genius of Hinata and Kageyama, and we still have the final stretch of a story that we already know will be given in film format. Nevertheless, Where can one see all the anime broadcast to date?

See the anime of Haikyuu!! on Prime Video

I usually start with Crunchyroll and Netflix since they are usually the platforms that have the most anime to stream. Nevertheless, in the case of “Haikyuu!!” The truth is that the platform that you should take into account is Prime Video. Indeed, it will be in the catalog of the Amazon service that you will find the first three episodic seasons in full that were issued years ago. As if this were not enough, you can also see that all these seasons have Spanish dubbing, something that I know helps many.

The anime of Haikyuu!! has its first three seasons available on Prime Video

See the anime of Haikyuu!! with Select Vision

And from Prime Video I jumped to Selecta Visión to continue with the location of the anime of “Haikyuu!!” in Spain, because yes, what you are going to need to continue with this story are the physical editions of the anime. Not only has Selecta Visión edited the first three seasons available on Prime Video, but it also they have the physical format of season 4 (To the Top) in an edition that includes the various OVAs of the anime. So yes, to see season 4 you have to go through the box.

haikyuu where to see selecta

See the anime of Haikyuu!! on Crunchyroll

Surprisingly with what the situation of anime in Spain is today, You won’t find anything about “Haikyuu!!” in the Crunchyroll catalog. Can the anime land on the platform at some point? The truth is that it is complicated unless the oranges get hold of the premieres of the movies at the end of the anime in our country. This wouldn’t be so surprising anymore seeing what they did with “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” or “Suzune”, but only time will tell for now.

haikyuu crunchy
No results on the Crunchyroll website to see the Haikyuu!!

See the anime of Haikyuu!! on netflix

The second great anime sword in Spain is in the same situation as Crunchyroll: absolutely no “Haikyuu!!” content here. Again, the only thing I can contribute is to raise the question of whether Netflix will eventually add a season of ‘Los Ases del Vóley’, something not entirely ruled out but unlikely in my opinion. In any case, if it happens, I have the feeling that it would be in a few years.

haikyuu creunchy
Netflix also does not give a single result to see the anime in question

Disney+, HBO and other streaming platforms

I guess it’s imaginable at this point, but no: There is no other streaming platform in Spain that has “Haikyuu!!” content. in your catalog. Likewise, it becomes difficult for any of these to add some anime content in the future, but seeing the blind sticks that Disney+ gives, I expect anything at this point.

And so that there is no doubt after all this: to watch the anime of “Haikyuu!!” In Spain you will first need to go through Prime Video, where you will find the first three episodic seasons, and secondly go to the Selecta Visión store, where you can find season 4 of the anime as well as its various OVAs. The only thing that remains to be seen is where the movies that will put an end to the anime fall, but for now this is a conversation for another time.

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