Haikyuu!! will have a new manga chapter for its anniversary

In order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the popular sleeve sports, “Haikyuu!!” will launch a new chapter of his story drawn by the original creator Haruichi Furudateand will reveal what Shoyo Hinata and the rest of the Karasumo High volleyball team are up to now in 2022. The announcement made by Shōnen JumpI do not specify a release date, but it is expected to come out this year.

This new chapter of the manga is one of the many releases planned for ”Haikyuu!!” for its anniversary year. In addition to the premiere, an anniversary book is expected to be released, compiling the complete history and most important facts of the series, as well as a color reissue of the original manga, which will only be available digitally.

The manga’s story tells the story of Shoyo Hinata, a short young man who is inspired to join a volleyball team once he sees an excellent player with his own height. Unfortunately for Hinata, his school’s volleyball team has seen hard times, as due to so many losses, all of their competitors see them as a joke. Even with this, the story changes when Tobio Kageyama, a young volleyball prodigy joins the team, making the team famous and formalizing a competitive rivalry with Hinata.

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”Haikyuu!!” premiered for the first time in the Weekly Shōnen Jump in 2012, concluding its story in 2020. Since then it has become the revelation sports manga of the last decade. The series has received widespread critical acclaim, winning the prestigious award Shogakukan Manga Awardand has even received praise from various professional volleyball players for its creator Haruichi Furudate’s portrayal of the sport.

The manga has also been a huge commercial success, achieving a worldwide circulation of over 50 million copies. An adaptation to anime was produced by the anime studio Production I.G.which premiered in 2014.

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