Manga classics such as ‘One Piece’, ‘Ranma1/2’ and ‘Haikyu’ will have a Catalan version in 2023

The impulse of the Catalan in the field of Manga, the most read by young people, continues at a good pace. Some of his most popular titles like ‘One Piece’, ‘Ranma 1/2’ and ‘Haikyuu’, They will be published next year by Planeta Cómic. This has been made public within the framework of the Manga Barcelona, which is held at the Fira Gran Via until Sunday. David Hernando, editorial director of the label, has highlighted that the publisher already has 103 volumes of ‘One Piece’ in Spanish and that from April next year they will simultaneously publish a new edition of the saga in both Catalan and Spanish, which will include three original volumes in a single volume.

Planeta Cómic has been publishing manga in Catalan since 1992 thanks to the popular saga ‘Bola de drac’. Later other names such as ‘Naruto’ and ‘Detectiu Conan’ were added and last year they announced the Catalan editions of ‘My hero academy’ and ‘Doctor Slump’, works that “have been very well received”, Hernando remarks. This has also encouraged them to now translate three important titles into Catalan such as ‘One Piece’, ‘Ranma1/2’ and ‘Haikyu’.

in Sant Jordi

Hernando explains that Libraries and readers tell them that they would like unique volumes that are self-contained, that is, they begin and end in the same book. A very long series of many volumes is more difficult to follow, he admits. Therefore, in the case of ‘One Piece’ they will include three volumes in one. The idea is that the first issue of the saga reaches bookstores from Sant Jordi and the other two titles, ‘Ranma1/2’ and ‘Haikyu’, do so during the year.

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Comic Planet will also continue to publish the volumes of ‘One Piece’ in Spanish, of which there are already 103 in bookstores.

Asked about the moment in which manga is living in Catalan, Hernando highlights the role that TV3 had in the 90s to boost Japanese animation. “He made this type of content very massive for the youth audience; However, the same thing is happening today with streaming anime and the new Super3”. Hernando trusts that this will encourage many more readers who are not used to reading Japanese comics.