My Hero Academia: this new trailer for season 6 reveals the next opening

While sixth season of anime My Hero Academiaadapted from manga of the same name of Kohei Horikoshiis fast approaching, fans are more than impatient to discover the continuation of the adventures of Midoriya Izukubetter known as Deku, as well as other students of the Second A from Yuei High School. And after revealing to you over the summer what the anime’s next season release date would be, a recent trailer gives us a new glimpse of what we can expect from it, also revealing in passing the opening of this new season.

a new glimpse that inspires

Anime fans all over the world are more than eager to arrive in October this year as many highly anticipated titles have been planned to release. October will thus see the start of very promising licenseslike Chainsaw Man, Blue Lockor even the sinister Housing Complex C. But it will also be an opportunity to discover the sequel to some cult animewith in particular the resumption of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood Warbut also to witness the return of old classics of the genre, with the reboot of Urusei Yatsuraknown to us as Lamu.

And the festivities will begin on the first day of the month, with the release of season 6 of My Hero Academia. So far, fans have been able to catch a few glimpses of the Bones studio-produced anime’s upcoming season, hinting at an action-packed sequel. And just a few hours ago Toho Animation’s official YouTube channel released a new trailerin which we can not only see that the various intrigues in progress seem to have reached their peak, but where we can also hear an excerpt from the next opening (ie: opening credits) of the new season. Without further ado, here is the new trailer for the sixth season of My Hero Academia :

We thus discover that the next opening of season 6 will be interpreted by SUPER BEAVER, with its title Hitamuki. This Japanese pop-rock group from Tokyo is particularly known for having already collaborated with other anime in the pastwith for example the title Shinkokyū, which is none other than the ninth ending (ie: end credits) of Naruto Shippudenor with the title Toppakō, the opening of the second part of season 4 of Haikyuu!!.

This trailer for season 6 of My Hero Academia seems to emphasize the imminent fight between the high school students of U.A. and the professional superheroes, in the face of this new threat represented by the Paranormal Liberation Front, led by Tomura Shigaraki. This sequel should cover chapters 253 to 306 of the eponymous manga arc, entitled Paranormal Liberation War.. No doubt fans are eager to find out if Tomura will succeed in achieving his ambitions, or if Deku and the other superheroes will succeed in stopping him.

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