”Nier Automata” will be adapted into an animated series

The famous action RPG game, “Nying automata”, will receive an anime series adaptation. The anime production company, aniplex, revealed that he is working on this project with a trailer that shows new art of the game’s protagonist, the android warrior 2B. The announcement was made during a live stream to celebrate the original video game’s fifth anniversary. Additional details about the anime’s cast, director and producer, or premiere date have yet to be announced.

“Nier Automata” tells the story of a distant future where humanity has been driven from Earth by a race of machines built by alien invaders. The last hope to save the planet is organization “YorHA”a brigade of android warriors who have been deployed to Earth, in order to eliminate the machines and reclaim the planet.

The game’s story centers on a trio of androids, 2B, 9S and A2, whose journey to Earth and their interactions with supposedly deadly machines forces them to question the morality of their mission and the reason for their very existence. “Nier Automata” was posted by Square-Enix and was developed by Platinum Games, a team comprised of developers from Capcom.

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Previously, the game “deny” for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and although not a bestseller, it slowly developed a dedicated cult following in the years following its release, leading Square Enix to take a chance on a sequel in 2017.

“Automata” was only released for pc and PlayStation 4 but later received an adaptation for the Xbox One. This new installment received much more positive reviews and reception, with critics praising its emotional story, superb soundtrack, and more dynamic and refined gameplay, selling over 6 million copies in 2021.

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The great success of “Automata” led Square Enix to remaster its first game, released in 2021 as “Nier Replicant version 1.22…”, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The remaster was significantly better received than the original version and sold over a million copies. In addition, last year it was also launched “Denying Reincarnation”a spin-off game for mobile devices.

The character of Android 2B has gained great popularity among video game fans, having collaborations with other games, appearing as a fighter in the game of bandai namco “SoulCalibur VI”, an appearance in “Final Fantasy XIV”, and even a character skin for the battle royale circuit “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout”.

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