October is Anime Month: 5 Season Premieres You Can’t Miss

Anime fans can now buckle up. This month of October is a golden age in terms of previews and reunions with our favorite series. It’s the moment of truth for the various animation studios, which are piling up their big releases on the calendar. The days are just sticking to Crunchyroll and getting carried away, so we’re going to whet your appetite with a quick review of the 5 big premieres of the season you can’t miss.

Spy x Family Season 2

  • Release date: October 1

We want to stay and live in the world of Spy x Family. What the hell, we want the Forger family to adopt us. Spies, assassins and telepaths, what more could you ask for? Last spring’s revelation anime puts an end to its summer hiatus and returns with the desire to repeat the feat. Because to win a place in our little hearts it only took 12 chapters (we can catch up with a little marathon on the weekend). Now Twilight, Anya and Thorn Princess return with 13 more secret missions (or to put it another way, with 13 more episodes) that make up the second part of the first season (to fool us, for many it’s already the second season).

Chosen among the 5 must-read manga this summer, Spy x Family tells the story of Twilight, Berlin’s best spy during the Cold War. In these troubled times, Twilight (also known as Loid Forger) is tasked with the most difficult mission of her career: raising a family. In this way, you can enroll your daughter in an elite school and go to its gates to pick her up and become friends at that time with another parent with your offspring enrolled in the center. There is no other way to approach the objective of the mission. But of course the problem is that Loid has seven days to find a wife and a daughter. An emergency that will lead him to adopt a very strange orphan with telepathic powers, Anya, and to unwittingly marry a professional assassin, Yor (alias Thorn Princess). The perfect family, wow.

The Spy x Family manga and anime build on this base to create a comedy of manners in which Loid gradually develops feelings for his “fake” family. Only Anya, who can read minds, knows the true identity of Twilight and Yor, whom she will try to protect and keep together in her own way. A clumsy girl who saves Germany’s best spy and the world’s deadliest assassin. Humor is hidden in the daily life of any family: admission interviews, physical education classes, visits to the zoo and, in general, routine. Safety pin.

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War

  • Release date: October 10

Bleach last said goodbye to us in March 2012, when the anime was canceled overnight, leaving us without knowing the end of the story of Kurosaki, Kuchichi, and company. But now, more than ten years later, the series returns with around fifty new episodes which will adapt the 218 missing chapters of Tite Kubo’s manga (from 480 to 698).

The anime will attempt to redeem itself for what happened by returning with its bankai version. The new season will have no censorship and will introduce significant novelties in the plot. When Tite Kubo ended the Bleach manga in 2016, many complained about the brutality of its end and the mangaka himself apologized and confessed that it was like that because he couldn’t take it anymore. . He had shoulder pain and several torn tendons from the hellish schedules he had been subjected to for fifteen years, as long as Bleach had lasted. The artist spent days bedridden in pain and needed to put aside the history of the shinigami.

But as Kubo himself warned, Thousand-Year Blood War will take its time and answer questions the manga couldn’t answer. He worked closely with the creators so that it was not an adaptation as is, but rather to solve several shortcomings of the scenario. We’ll see how many ends he is able to settle and if they manage to brush aside with the honors he deserves, one of the most important shonen of the 21st century.

chainsaw man

  • Release date: October 11

It is the most anticipated adaptation of the year and it is not for less. To give you some context, Chainsaw Man is currently the most read manga on Manga Plus, where it rivals industry giants such as One Piece or Dragon Ball Super. The tragic story of Denji and his demonic dog, Pochita, has ensnared millions around the world, largely due to his lack of pretension…and scruples. Creepy, veiny action with crazy character design best exemplified by the protagonist: a young man with chainsaws for his arms and head.

In 2021 it was selected as the best shonen of the Barcelona manga fair and although it only consists of 11 volumes, the work of Tatsuki Fujimoto offers us a refreshing cocktail of gore and jokes, an adventure full of surprises and adrenaline in the that we will even find one of the 25 best plot arcs in history. Chainsaw Man is a yes like a big chainsaw.

The first season consists of 12 episodes and was made by the animation studio MAPPA (the makers of Shingeki no Kyojin), who promised us not to censor anything from the manga. Any Chainsaw Man reader can imagine how complicated negotiating with TV networks and platforms must have been. Fujimoto’s work is an unprecedented cocktail of action, blood and gore.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3

  • Release date: October 5

After nearly three years of climbing the walls, this October returns what for many is one of the best anime of the past decade. We are referring to Mob Psycho 100, the series of avatars of our dear Nibel, in which we are used to following in the footsteps of a high school student with psychic powers. And don’t think of powers that are trifles or cliches like mind reading. Our protagonist, Mob, practically becomes God. The only problem is that of course Mob is too nice and naive for his own good and you know what they say. With great power comes great responsibility, God gives bread to those who have no teeth, etc. Mob Psycho 100 is packed with cool bonuses, awesome combat, and tons of wacky characters you’ll fall in love with.

We’ll see what surprises await us in the 12 or 13 episodes of this third season, since in the previous ones the first 13 volumes of the manga were already adapted and the series only has 16 volumes… In other words, the Mob Psycho anime could say goodbye permanently that same fall or break with the official canon and destroy us even more on a mental level. Do either one, we don’t recommend anyone to miss it. And less after its majestic launch trailer:

Blue Lock

  • Release date: October 9

We could have closed this list with season 6 of My Hero Academia, which also comes out this October 1st and which is worth it, but we wanted to take a risk with a lesser known name and which we have no doubt that it will take between a little and nothing to become a mass phenomenon. Slam Dunk, Haikyuu!, Ping Pong, Rookies… What do all these animes have in common? Its sports kind, also called Spokon. Blue Lock will be a new football series that will take over from Captain Tsubasa, Inazuma Eleven, and many others, but was proven in the manga to be anything but one more.

It’s an emotional series set after Japan’s failures in recent World Cups (its fantasy blends with real events). The country begins a program to create the Blue Lock, the best striker in the world, a hitman who will lead Japan to win its first world cup, almost nothing. Far from talking about the power of friendship and teamwork, the series is all about selfishness and individuality, a very curious approach that you’ll devour if you’re a football fan.