Popular manga: what are the trends?

France is the second country behind Japan in terms of manga sales and popularity. Whether in paper or animated format, stories from the Land of the Rising Sun have a huge following in France. But what are the most popular manga?

For this ranking, it is a matter of popularity over the past few years. This is why some manga that are beginning to date are missing.

Top 10 popular manga

Seven Deadly Sins

At the tenth position of the most popular manga of recent years, we find Seven Deadly Sins. With its arrival on the Netflix catalog, the popularity of Nakaba Suzuki’s manga has skyrocketed. However, the animations clearly lost quality as the anime progressed, which put a huge brake on Meliodas and his family.


For a few years now, Haikyuu has posed as one of the references in sports eating. With a rather nice tone, a lot of people took to following Hinata Shoyo’s Volleyball matches attentively.

The Promised Neverland

This is one of the biggest surprises of recent years. The Promised Neverland touched a lot of people thanks to its simply incredible first season. However, the adventures of Emma and her friends take lead in the wing with season 2.

Dr Stone

The revival of humanity led by Senku has positioned itself as one of the best manga of the new generation. Indeed, rebuilding humanity has captivated many people. Dr Stone is even voted best Shonen in 2018.

One-Punch Man

At the gates of the Top 5, we find the most powerful bald of all time, Saitama. Again, the release of Season 1 as an anime on Netflix helped popularize One Punch Man. However, this manga remains a phenomenon in its own right and its impact in recent years is far from being solely linked to Netflix. Indeed, many people have tried Saitama’s routine to become the strongest.

These 5 particularly popular manga in the world


Taking up the classic codes of shonen and Japanese culture, Black Clover quickly gained popularity. The adventures of Asta quickly established themselves as a pillar of new generation manga.

Credits: Amazon Prime

Jujutsu Kaisen

With only one season in anime, Jujustu Kaisen is at the foot of the top three most popular manga of recent times. Mixing well-styled combat and totally offbeat humor, Gege Akutami’s manga should return for a second season in February 2023. A season that already looks better than the first in view of the manga paper.

My Hero Academia

A well-deserved third place for Midoriya and the second A of Yuei High School. Superhero apprentices have fascinated a lot of people in recent years. The manga is coming to an end soon. and the outcome is as gripping as the rest of the manga. Even if the anime took a little slack with its last extended season, MHA is one of the best current manga.

Demon Slayer

While season three of the anime ended recently, Demon Slayer has, once again, exceeded all expectations in terms of animation. Although the manga is of quality, the anime is of such beauty that a new audience is tempted. With astronomical manga sales figures, Demon Slayer is and will be the most popular anime for a few more years.

The popular manga of the moment: Attack on Titan

But in front of Tanjiro and his friends, we find the Attack of the Titans. There is no possible debate, it is the most popular manga of recent years. Already that the paper manga is a juggernaut in the middle, the anime has attracted all kinds of people. Attack on Titan is one of the few manga to come out of the bubble tied to its genre. Indeed, Eren’s quest to get out of Paradise Island has been the gateway to the world of Japanese animation for a lot of people.