Prime Video Spain adds more seasons of Haikyuu!!

If there is an anime that I have not seen yet, but from which I can’t stop hearing wondersthat is “Haikyuu!!”. The popularity of volleyball aces has led them to be one of the series chosen to “revive” in anime in Catalonia. Furthermore, the franchise announced relatively recently what will there be two films that will mark the end of the story.

Today, I come to give you some good news for fans of this anime: “Haikyuu!!” has received new seasons on Prime Video Spain. Now I really have no excuse not to see it. Next, I detail what is coming to the platform and what would be missing to have it all.

More Haikyuu!! on Prime Video Spain

This is all the information:

  • Until now, Prime Video only had Season 1 in our country of this anime. ✅
  • Since todayalso we have seasons 2 and 3 available. ❤️
  • After seeing all this, we would only need Season 4 to be up to date. ❗️
  • After this they would go the movies recently announced. ✅
  • So the question is… when will Season 4 come to Prime Video?
  • Well, although we don’t know anything for sure, it seems that it will be a matter of time.
  • Is it is already folded and it is sold in physical format in our country, so I think as soon as it stops being so recent it will also be added to the platform. ✅
  • To finish, I leave you a link to see “Haikyuu!!” on Prime Video Spain. ⭐️

Synopsis of Haikyuu!!

Shoyo Hinata has wanted to play volleyball ever since she saw a small-statured player succeed in the National Tournament when she was in elementary school. Unfortunately, when he finally got a team together he was crushed by his rival Tobio Kageyama.

Upon entering Karasuno High School, the same one her idol attended, Hinata sets out to fulfill her dream of playing on a top-tier volleyball team. The problem is that Kageyama, already a promise in this sport, is also part of it. But is it possible that the rivalry between the two is the best thing that has ever happened to the team? Will they be able to put aside their differences to form a legendary combination that will allow them to achieve glory in the National Tournament?

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