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The manga industry is full of countless works and making an exhaustive list of them is borderline mission impossible. Various subjects are treated there and in the list appears the sport. In the shonen world, a lot of manga are focused on sports such as Captain Tsubasa, Slam Dunk or Haikyuu.

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Evolving in the same register, we cannot omit the Prince of Tennis manga. After many years of absence, the franchise will soon resume service with a new animated series entitled “The Prince of Tennis II: U17 World Cup » .

Release date

In 2012 and 2014, the last episodes of the animated series “The Prince of Tennis” were released. They were also titled “New Prince of Tennis” and “New Prince of Tennis OAV vs Genius 10” respectively. Following this, there were only two OVAs with “Prince of Tennis: Hyoutei vs. Rikkai” in 2021. Besides this information, the latest information related to the franchise is related to the release of an animated film.

However, 2022 will be a busy year as a new anime series is expected. First, the animated film “The Prince of Tennis: Ryoma! is set to be released on May 12. It is only after its theatrical debut that we will be able to discover the new animated series. It will be necessary to wait until July for “The Prince of Tennis II: U17 World Cup” to make its debut.

The teaser

As you can see with this new trailer, “The Prince of Tennis II: U17 World Cup” will be very intense. The Japanese team will have to rub shoulders with the best players from other nations and Echizen will be on the opposing side. The latter decided to join the team of the United States of America. It is the same for the former captain of Seigaku, Tezuka who will wear the colors of Germany.

New characters such as Zeus Iriopoulos and Alexander Amadeus will also make their debut during this World Cup. The same goes for JJ Dolgias or Jürgen Barrisavich Bork. With so many opponents, it really promises wild matches. Apart from the trailer, there is also a new visual.

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The long history of the franchise

It was in 1999 that the manga created by Takeshi Konomi debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump and has 42 volumes. We discover the story of a young boy named Echizen Ryoma. Then still unknown in Japan, he turned out to be a true tennis prodigy. While he spent his entire childhood abroad, he has just moved with his family to Japan. Echizen then decides to join the very prestigious Seigaku high school known for its famous tennis club.

He hopes to be able to face the best players in the country and rise to the top. The first season of the anime was made by animation studio Trans Arts and had a total of 178 episodes. Once completed, a whole series of OVAs were made and the studio in charge was Production IG As for the new season, it is directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi within Kai and MSC studios

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