Review Haikyû!!, #12 | The competition begins, although at half gas

The first knockout round of the spring tournament is about to begin! Posted on September 14 by comic planetour spokon Favourite pick up competition speed again. Two games in a row and a big challenge to be able to move on. Will they be able to achieve it? We start the review Haikyu!! #12.

review of Haikyu!! #12 | Cover, synopsis and edition

Thanks to the experiences lived in the concentration of Tokyo with the most powerful teams of the prefecture, each one of the Karasuno boys has managed to evolve even more. Also, as Hinata and Kageyama’s new fast attack takes shape, the day of the Spring Tournament Qualifiers finally arrives! Turn all that pent-up frustration into strength and let the first match begin!!

series and volume Haikyû!!, no. 12 (of 45).
Author Haruichi Furudate.
Gender spokoncomedy, drama
Demography Shonen.
Format Paperback with dust jacket (11.1×17.7). B/W. 208 pages.
Price €7.95
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File Haikyu!! No. 12

Training camps are over and the team has managed to grow a lot in a short time. But the moment of truth has arrived, the spring tournament begins. Two victories are necessary to pass the round and meet again with the best teams.

After his last performance against Aoba Jôsei, the Karasuno begins to attract attention. Even former coach Ukai drops by the match (not just because it’s his grandson’s team) to see Hinata and Kageyama in action.

“Go out there and get a victory that compensates for all the frustrations you’ve accumulated so far”

The first official match after the painful defeat against Aoba Jôsei and they are willing to release their frustration. The team that will have to suffer this revenge will be Ôgi Minami, a low level team that in the last tournament had to play against Shiratorizawa. Discouraged by the results obtained and surprised by the pressure exerted from the start of the match by Karasuno, they are unable to react.

Once again one of Furudate’s hallmarks, while other series completely ignore the rivals or barely tell us their names, in Haikyu!! these matches serve to discover the other side of the sport. It makes us see the game from the point of view of that player who can’t do anything against his rival and still looks for a way to try to achieve something positive. They are not going to make it, they are going to lose and the author manages to make us not care about these players who are not even secondary.

The 2 meter boy

Haikyu 12 Review
review of Haikyu!! #12

The second match that Karasuno faces is against Kakugawa High School, which has a first-year player who is 2.01 meters tall. After a few absolutely necessary jokes, comparing Hinata’s height to that of Hyakuzawa, which is the name of the little guy, the match begins and Karasuno finds himself with a simple and pure force that he is unable to stop. Hyakuzawa’s height is so commanding that he is a huge hindrance in both defense and attack, even as a beginner at volleyball.

“Volleyball as a sport is simple” is one of Hyakuzawa’s introductory phrases, a character that is presented to us so that the Karasuno shows him that they are not teaching us each and every one of the new techniques and strategies learned during the exhaustive training. He also teaches us a comfortable team in the shadow of a differential player and that can only lead to failure.

Without a flashlight shark

Haikyu 12 Review
review of Haikyu!! #12

Hakuzawa’s lack of experience and Karasuno’s display of new skills, including Hinata and Kageyama’s new improved fast attack, makes the Ravens take the match, albeit with some uncertainty. They are already among the top sixteen, they have managed to qualify for the next phase and we have to keep improving. They don’t give themselves time to celebrate, since they have to keep training.

Back in training, we are shown the uncertainties and fears of the players in the face of the challenges they are going to face. In this aspect, the greatest evolution is found in Tsukishima, with a lazy attitude until now, he looks upset after Hinata asked him if he could stop Ushiwaka, one of the best spikers in the country.

review of Haikyu!!, no. 12 | Conclusions

Haikyu 12 Review
review of Haikyu #12

Returning to the competition is always good and if we face new challenges better. It could be said that it is a volume of presentations, where the new face of Karasuno is revealed and everything that he is going to offer us from now on. That always hooks.

Game evaluation - essential
How well the whole series will look together on the shelf.
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  • Even leaning on the team we see the progress of each character.
  • The treatment and affection that Furudate gives to the background characters is wonderful.
  • As always, humor helps us relax before we get into the competition.
  • Presentation of several characters that we will see again.
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  • The stories of overcoming rivals sometimes resemble each other too much.

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