Review Haikyu!! #14 | When you have to take a step forward and you are not ready

Sawamura is injured? The Karasuno is in trouble. It is time for the less common and the pressure is maximum. published by comic planet on November 23, 2022, reaching the first third of the series that is published monthly. What did not seem? We will tell you about it below in the review of Haikyû!! #14.

review of Haikyû!! #14 | Cover, synopsis and edition

Captain Sawamura is injured in the quarterfinals of the representative league and is forced to leave the match!! After losing the foundation of the team, Karasuno sends Ennoshita to replace him, but nothing will be that easy! It includes a wonderful chapter titled Nisekyû!! in collaboration with Nisekoi!!

series and volume Haikyû!!, no. 14 (of 45).
Author Haruichi Furudate.
Gender Spokoncomedy, drama
Demography Shōnen.
Format Rustic with dust jacket (11.1×17.7). B/W. 192 pages.
Price €7.95
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File Haikyû!! No. 14

Sawamura has hit with Tanaka and will not be able to continue with the match. It does not seem that he is serious, he has lost a tooth and for safety they take him to the infirmary. With this the author raises the theme of this volume. Until now the focus has always been on the same characters, but there are 3 Karasuno players whose names we barely know.

It is the turn for Chikara Ennoshita, who is going to replace the captain. We’ve seen him before in off-court interactions and taking it upon himself to help the second-years study, but we’ve never seen him in a game before. He has hardly played and that begins to show as soon as he enters the field. He knows that he does not reach Sawamura’s level and the doubts begin as soon as the first failure arrives. And he arrives on the first ball that he touches.

Chikara Ennoshita and Tadashi Yamaguchi

Review Haikyu!!  14
The frustration of having to leave the field out of obligation.

Now Furudate explains the context behind Ennoshita, after the name of the chapter the fight of the cowards hides a very large part of the sport: the day you decide to flee. In her first year of high school, with the arrival of Coach Ukai the practices became very hard and for those first years who barely played as Ennoshita they became unbearable and started skipping them. This, although it gave him peace of mind that he did not have to face such hard training, made him feel bad because he had a worse time without training than doing it.

Soon a series of hits from Ennoshita gets him into the rhythm of the match and improves his confidence, which brings us to the second “coward”: Tadashi Yamaguchi. His role in the team is that of a help server, which was shown to us in the tie where he failed to serve against Aoba Jôsai. Yamaguchi still remembers that mistake, although now he comes out in a very different situation, going ahead on the scoreboard.

Yamaguchi makes the serve that goes in by the hair, but helps to get a point. After this he returns the fear of missing and takes an easy serve to make sure he doesn’t miss. This does not go unnoticed by anyone, especially by the angry coach who will ask for explanations. At this moment Ennoshita acts as a true captain who will be in the future helping his partner to understand the mistake he has just made.

The end of the match with Sawamura from the stands

Review Haikyu!!  14
Sometimes not going all out for fear of failing is the worst mistake of all.

With a set for each one, the match drags on and the forces begin to falter. With the resistance to the limit, the technique begins to emerge and Karasuno’s hard training pays off. The good defensive performance of the team and the attacking force make Karasuno finally take the game, while Sawamura, already recovered, finished watching the game from the stands, totally trusting his teammates.

The mistakes, more than the hits, return to the minds of our protagonists while they watch the game from which their next contender will emerge. For the first time we are going to sit down and watch while others play, in this case of Date Industrial against Aoba Jôsai.

From the special chapter titled Nisekyû!! in collaboration with Naoshi Komi, author of Nisekoi, I’m just going to say that he has all the bad of Nisekoi and none of the good of Haikyû!!.

review of Haikyû!! #14 | conclusions

Review Haikyu!!  14

A special volume where Karasuno begins to get into real trouble to finish seeing some of the characters we don’t know much about and the struggles of those who don’t have as much talent as the rest want to do great things.

Game rating - essential
If they have given you manga, it means that you have been very good in 2022
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  • We know Ennoshita, a character we knew in the background, but what a spotlight he tries to cover Sawamura’s gap. She complies and does not clash.
  • Perhaps the most real fight that presents itself is that of Yamaguchi trying to fight his own fear. Probably, you can feel very represented.
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  • In this case, as the story focuses on the figure of Ennoshita and Tadashi, there is hardly any reference to the rivals. Only as a counterpoint with Hinata having a player similar to the little giant.
  • Nisekyû!! It is terrible and it is not the only time that pages are “stolen” from us in this volume, since some more leave us in the typical popularity polls of characters that are so liked in Japan.

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