Review Haikyû!!, #3 and #4 | things are starting to get serious

Go ahead, team Karasuno! We continue reviewing the first volumes of this magnificent work that brings us comic planet each month. Remember that on the occasion of your 10th anniversarypublished a 45 Page One-Shot which shows us what their characters do a year after the end of the manga. These two volumes were published in December 2021 and January 2022, respectively. Let’s delve, with this review, into the world of Haikyu!!

Volume 3: Cover, synopsis and edition

Second-course libero Nishinoya returns from his suspension from the club. However, his condition was that if Asahi, the star of the team, didn’t come back, neither did he. For his part, Hinata admires the absent star, so he goes to find Asahi accompanied by Kageyama, but it won’t be that easy… Meanwhile, a friendly match is arranged against a rival school they are fated to play…! !

series and volume Haikyû!!, no. 3 (of 45).
Author Haruichi Furudate.
Gender spokoncomedy, drama
Demography Shonen.
Format Paperback with dust jacket (11.1×17.7). B/W. 200 pages.
Price €7.95
File Haikyu!! No. 3

manga review Haikyû!!, no. 3

Despite the victory in the friendly match against Aoba Jôsai, the team’s shortcomings are notable. The lack of coach, poor defense and lack of power in attack are the main ones, but not the only ones.

Nishinoya springs into action, the “protector god” of Karasuno, who to Hinata’s astonishment is shorter than him. But as soon as he finds out that Asahi, the ace of the teamhas not returned to training, he refuses to play with the team again until they are all, but he will help them train their defense, since he is a player with exceptional technique.

Finding out that Karasuno has an attacking expert makes Hinata want to go meet him to convince him to play with them again, but he refuses citing that he doesn’t like playing volleyball anymore (in disbelief).

Everything is accelerated by achieving, thanks to Professor Takeda, a friendly match against Nekoma, the greatest historical rivals of the Karasuno. The club advisor uses this friendly match to pressure Keishin Ukai, grandson of Karasuno’s previous coach, into joining the team, at least until that match.

Ukai improvises a match against the Karasuno Neighborhood Association to see the status of the team. The lack of players makes the teams mix. Having Nishinoya, Asahi, and Sugawara play together again causes emotions to flare.

haikyuu review
Haikyû 3 and 4 Review | Nishinoya demonstrates his excellent technique in the training match.

Be aware of our capabilities.

“I wish I could be like him”, this phrase perfectly represents the issues that this volume deals with. The team grows and the players have to grow with him so as not to be left behind. We must be aware of our qualities and our shortcomings. But we should not compare ourselves to others too much, since the same work can be carried out differently. “The point that marks the Ace passing through the defense and the one that you mark dodging it are worth the same.”

On the other hand, there is the case of the veterans of the team, very affected by the last defeat of the team in an official match, in which all of Asahi’s shots were blocked by the opposing defense. Each one with a problem derived from his position and looking for a way to help their teammates while helping themselves:

  • Nisinoya, being the defensive specialist, focused on improving supports after a block so spikers can attack without fear.
  • Sugawara seeks to improve his repertoire when it comes to placing the ball so as not to load his entire offensive game towards the Ace.
  • Asahi seeks to regain confidence in his game and lose the fear of making a mistake knowing that your teammates will always be behind you to help you.

This type of atoms are called transition atoms, since In terms of the plot, not much progress is made, but they serve to give our characters more context. In the case of Haikyu These training arcs are the key to its success, since it shows us real growth and overcoming adversity, sometimes in a hurry, before what is really important, which in this case would be the official matches.

haikyuu review
Haikyû 3 and 4 Review | Hinata’s envy towards the Ace makes her lose concentration.

Volume 4: Cover, synopsis and edition

haikyuu review

On the last day of the Karasuno Volleyball Club camp, the long-awaited friendly match against Nekoma High School finally begins! The solid receiving technique of the Nekoma and the observational skills of its setter, Kodzume, thwart all of Hinata and Kageyama’s fast attacks until they finally manage to stop them completely, but then something happens…!

series and volume Haikyu!!, n.º 4 (of 45).
Author Haruichi Furudate.
Gender Spokon, comedy, drama.
Demography Shonen.
Format Paperback with dust jacket (11.1×17.7). B/W. 200 pages.
Price €7.95
File Haikyu!! No. 4

Review Haikyu!!, n.º 4

The first concentration arrives which, as a final culmination, will have a match against Nekoma, Karasuno’s biggest historical rivals. Fight in the dumpster, crows against cats. It’s not going to be an easy game, as Nekoma have a really good defense and very smart players, including Kuroo, the captain, and Kenma, the setter.

The Karasuno relentlessly attacks with the Hinata-Kageyama duo, but little by little the distances are reduced until they finally manage to stop their special attack, thanks to Kenma’s strategy. Hinata must face a new challenge to fight in the air with people with much more stature than him and that means that the team must take measures to help him. After much effort, the match ends with a defeat for Karasuno and with a promise of revenge, this time in an official match.

Ukai, who had accepted the position of coach until this friendly match, agrees to continue coaching the team in order to get revenge on the old coach, and friend of his grandfather, from Nekoma.

haikyuu review
Haikyû 3 and 4 Review | Great designs for great characters


Haikyû again puts the focus on the rivals, while other manga only use them as an obstacle to overcome, Furudate employs them as the main teachers and a mirror in which to look at oneself in order to go forward.

In the same way we will see that many moments of the matches will be seen from the point of view of the rivals, giving them great weight in the plot and making us very fond of thembecoming some of the most charismatic characters in the series.

In this volume, something that could be overlooked until now is accentuated, but with the presentation of the Nekoma it becomes evident and it is the design of the characters around the name of their team. Those of the Karasuno have designs that resemble crowsIn the same way, Nekoma players each have a design referring to a cat. This will continue like this for the rest of the series.

haikyuu review
Haikyû 3 and 4 Review | How will Hinata react to the first time her attack is stopped?

review of Hikyu!!, #3 and #4 | Conclusions

New companions, new rivals and new challenges. All this with the care that Haruichi Furudate stamps on all of his work, giving character and personality to even the smallest secondary. The team continues to have experiences that they enrich it and begin to hit those first walls that force you to grow to be able to attack them. And all this bathed in a great sense of humor, sometimes in the most unexpected moments.

Game evaluation - essential
Are we going to have to put this in every volume that is reviewed? Buy them and stop fooling around.
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  • Wonderful character designs.
  • The team grows and conflicts are seen.
  • New rivals and friends.
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  • The conflicts sometimes do not last more than two pages and are just developing.

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