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Welcome to the recreation area of ​​Jôzenji! Haikyû!! enters this volume 13 in one of its most anticipated parts, the arc of the league of representatives of the Miyagi prefecture. This volume 13 was published on October 19, 2022 by comic planet, who maintains a monthly frequency for this manga. What do we think of this volume? We tell you below.

review of Haikyû!! #13 | Cover, synopsis and edition

After the first knockout round of the spring tournament, Karasuno advances to the prefectural representative league. Their opponent for the first match is Jôzenji High School, the festivities team whose motto is “It’s a game”!! But this opponent adapts to the needs of the moment and makes attacks that break all the molds, which will force Hinata and company to play a very close match.

series and volume Haikyû!!, no. 13 (of 45).
Author Haruichi Furudate.
Gender Spokoncomedy, drama
Demography Shōnen.
Format Rustic with dust jacket (11.1×17.7). B/W. 216 pages.
Price €7.95
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File Haikyû!! No. 13

The last tournament begins to find out who will be the representative of the prefecture in the national tournament and all the great rivals meet again. The nerves begin to show and the clashes with the rivals follow one another. But before we get to Tokyo we have to win this tournament and it won’t be easy. The first obstacle for Karasuno will be Jôzenji, the festival team.

Jôzenji, a special team

Haikyū Review 13
The scenes in the bathroom before matches always put Hinata in a peculiar situation.

Karasuno’s first match is against a team that did not have to play the preliminary round, as they placed in the top 8 in the inter-school tournament. A tough game is intuited. It is an agile and flexible team due to its way of training, which consists of games 2 against two. They are very adaptable and approach matches with one thing: having fun.

As Jôzenji’s unpredictable actions take place, Daichi Sawamura, our captain, begins to grow within the party as a key figure within the stability of Karasuno. And it is that this volume is nothing more than to focus on Sawamura, showing us everything he brings to the field both in attack and defense so that in the next volume they show us what happens when he is not there.

Let’s remember that Sawamura, along with Azumane, Sugawara and at a lesser level Shimizu, are facing their last chance to reach the national tournament and both the nerves and the desire are going to be enormous.

“There will come times when it’s not fun”

Haikyū 13

Each team, each character that Furudate introduces has a clear personality and an intention in what it wants to make us see. Jôzenji is a team that plays cheerfully and carefree and that even makes them lose key points in the match. Within this imaginary where each team is “physically” similar to different birds, Jôzenji would be parakeets, noisy and playful.

Hana Masaki, senior manager of the Jôzenji team, is in charge of trying to motivate the players to try harder. “What will happen when it stops being fun?” Those moments when it stops being fun come when you lose. And that’s why they teach us Jôzenji, for those who just want to have fun playing something and don’t want to try harder to improve, but rather have a good time. And it is a universal rule of sport, that it is very good to participate and have a good time, but the best time you have is when you win.

Those bad moments come when Karasuno clearly tips the scales towards their side and Jôzenji are unable to respond to the individual skills trained with great effort. Those are the times when you’re going to get frustrated and it’s going to stop being fun. You have to work hard so that these moments are reduced to a minimum, because no matter how good you are at something, you will always lose more than you win.

The Wakutani Minami arrives

Haikyū Review 13

In this volume we begin by looking at the first points of the match against Wakutani Minami. It shows us as a team with great technique when it comes to attacking and above all it shows us its captain, Takeru Nakashima, a 1.73-meter spiker who has a style of play very similar to that of the little giant.

For the first time Furudate is going to end a volume with a cliffhanger, which will keep us tense, since the consequences could be crucial for Karasuno in this match against Wakutani Minami.

review of Haikyû!!, no. 13 | conclusions

In this volume we witness a great match in which Captain Daichi stands out above all, who is the protagonist of the cover of this volume. Karasuno continues his path towards the national tournament and it will not be easy. Each team has its unique qualities and it is not only through good attacks that you can win, a good base and stable defense. And that’s where Daichi is strongest, when it comes to helping everyone get more out of his own abilities, helping them in the game and knowing how to motivate them when necessary. What will happen when I’m not here?

Game rating - essential
That the cover is for Daichi and the spine for Kiyoko is a bit weird.
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  • New great characters that always surprise us.
  • Once again there are large doses of humor where you least expect it and that is always good.
  • These chapters are very good in that they focus especially on the stories of the rivals, since we already know our protagonists a lot.
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  • I don’t particularly like cliffhangers.

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