Slam Dunk finally unveils its first trailer!

When it comes to manga focused on a sports discipline and in particular basketball, it is impossible not to allude to slam dunk. The work of Japanese artist Takehiko Inoue is undoubtedly one of the most iconic franchises in the industry.

Credits: Toei Animation

After more than 25 years away from the spotlight, Slam Dunk returns to the limelight with the release of an all-new animated film.

The big update

Haikyuu, Prince of Tennis, Kuroko no Basket, Major, Hajime no Ippo, these are some names of essential sports-themed franchises. And if we had to go a little further, the list would be very long. However, the franchise slam dunk occupies a special place in the hierarchy of the best works on the theme of sports.

During the Jump Festa of the year 2021, fans of Slam Dunk were euphoric following the announcement of a return to the big screen. But if there was something to be ecstatic about this announcement, the production team preferred to prolong the mystery for several months. Besides the fact that the title is unknown, there hadn’t been even a trailer to release in maybe over 10 months.

Of course, the situation has just changed. A first look has just landed on the animated film with the release along with a trailer. As for the release date, Slam Dunk will make its grand debut on December 3, 2022.

Other important points

As you have just seen, the animated film Slam Dunk has been brought up to date with a recent animation style. In view of the first images, we could see some very familiar faces. But apart from these few details, not much is known about the plot of this film. However, the names of the seiyuus who will lend their voices to the players of the Shohoku team are already known.

  • Shugo Nakamura: Ryota Miyagi
  • Jun Kasama as Hisashi Mitsui
  • Shin’ichirō Kamio: Kaede Rukawa
  • Subaru Kimura: Hanamichi Sakuragi
  • Kenta Miyake: Takenori Akagi

Produced by Toei Animation, the direction of the animated film has been entrusted to none other than the creator of the manga, Takehiko Inoue. Who better than him could bring the iconic characters of Slam Dunk to life.

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The synopsis of Slam Dunk

Hanamichi Sakuragi is what one could call a little scum. With his banana cut, his red hair and his big size, he is very intimidating. However, Sakuragi only dreams of finding himself a girlfriend. That said, he is very unlucky in matters of the heart and has a series of disappointments in love.

But this time, Sakuragi thinks he has found the rare pearl. When he meets the bubbly Haruko Akagi, he literally falls in love. In an effort to impress her, he decides to join their high school basketball team, as Haruko loves basketball.

However, Sakuragi knows absolutely nothing about basketball and will have to give 100% if he wants to attract the good graces of his sweetheart. On the other hand, with the genius Kaede Rukawa attracting all the attention, the game promises to be even tougher for him.

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