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SX3 will premiere Guardians of the night, Haikyu!! and My Hero Academia: Two Heroes in Catalan

The companions of Manga Racó They let fall a historical bomb regarding the new channel SX3: three titles capital letters of Select Vision. neither more nor less than Guardians of the night, Haikyu!! and the movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes are added to those already announced Inazuma Eleven Y Ronja, the bandit’s daughter for the new channel Television of Catalonia.

According to the details of the announcement, Guardians of the night will be released only First season for the time being, while Haikyu!! would be issued four seasons licensed by Select Vision full. The Catalan podcast will give more information regarding these series next Tuesday the 20th on its YouTube channel. Twitter. This confirmation is a paradigm shift in anime programming in Television of Cataloniawhich ten years ago closed the channel 3XL and left his grill practically deserted of Japanese series.

Kimetsu no Yaibaoriginal title of Guardians of the nightpremiered on April 6, 2019with a First season which lasted a total of 26 episodesencouraged by the study ufotable. His gargantuan success was continued by the film the infinity trainlicensed by Select Vision Y dubbed in Spanish and Catalanwhich became the highest grossing film of the year 2020 Y from anime history. The second seasonwhich adapts the arc of the entertainment districtthis available in Crunchyroll waiting for the third season that will premiere coming soonand that will adapt the arc of the Blacksmiths’ Village.

With respect to Haikyu!!, Production I.G. began to adapt the manga of Haruichi Furudate with a first season of 25 episodes Come in April and September 2014. they followed her another three seasonsthe last one called to the topclosing the fence in a total of 85 episodesin addition to four OVAs. Select Vision has the license of these four seasons, waiting to find out what will happen with Haikyu!! Finala two part movie which will serve for wrap up the animated adaptationand whose First half will premiere in Japan in August 2023.

And refering to My Hero Academia: Two Heroesoriginally titled as Boku no Hero Academia: Futari no Herois the first film based on the manga of Kohei Horikoshi. premiered on August 3, 2018 in Japanthe film was animated by the same studio as the television series, bonesand with Kenji Nagasaki, director of the first 3 seasons, at the helm of the direction of this 96-minute-long film. The series has five seasons issued, and one sixth which will be released next October 1stwith the first two graduates from Select Vision. To all this must be added the production of 3 OVA and the movies My Hero Academia: Heroes Awakening Y My Hero Academia: World Heroes Questboth licensed by Selected.

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