The 10 Most Unlikely Anime Duos That Work Great Together

One of the great aspects of storytelling is the relationships that develop between characters. Enemies become friends and vice versa as the story progresses. And usually, those friendships that audiences want to root come in duos or trios.

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The anime is no different, with notorious duos such as Naruto and Sasuke from naruto or Bakugou and Midoriya from my hero academia being examples of some of the most stereotypical centre-forward relationships. But sometimes characters who otherwise shouldn’t interact at all are thrown together for the sake of the story. These can be main characters or supporting characters, and while it seems unlikely to the audience that they’ll get along, it somehow works.

Takeo & Sunakawa – My Love Story!!

My love story!!Takeo is a tall, burly man. He’s basically been the ultimate wingman for his handsome and studious best friend, Sunakawa, their entire lives – at least, until he saves Rinko Yamato and, for the first time, she falls in love with him instead.

A true bromance for the ages, Sunakawa loves Takeo so much that he remained single because all the girls who were interested in him made fun of his friend. Sunakawa is happy to help Takeo navigate his new relationship, allowing both of them to grow further from the roles they’ve lived in since childhood. This unlikely duo takes a classic shoujo trope and turns it on its head with flair.

Dabi & Hawks – My Hero Academia

When fans initially thought of a friendship between these two in my hero academia, I was only fooling. The characters hadn’t interacted in any way, but they were the same age and would likely cross paths at some point, as Dabi was a member of the League of Villains and Hawks was a top 10 pro-hero. And then came the revelation that Hawks took on the role of a double agent to infiltrate the League of Villains.

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The friendship is short-lived and ends fiercely, but they seem to work together for a while. Plus, given subsequent revelations about Dabi’s backstory and Hawks’ own admiration for Endeavour, it’s perhaps unsurprising that some fans are hoping for another chance for this most unlikely friendship to blossom. .

Kuchiki Byakuya & Zaraki Kenpachi – Bleach

In a story with as many characters as Bleach, it might be difficult for the showrunners to make sure everyone has a chance to shine and interact with each other. These two characters are considered one of the strongest captains in the series, and viewers have seen them fight enough other characters to know that.

They are both quite stubborn and determined in their own ways: this plays out to comic effect when they fight the 0 Espada Yami in Hueco Mundo towards the end of the fight with Aizen. Viewers are treated to the two arguing in the middle of the fight and then returning to Soul Society together.

Nana & Nana – Nana

The selling point of classic anime Granny that’s how different these two characters are, despite having the same name. There’s friendly and girly Nana and hardcore and confrontational Nana, and if they hadn’t ended up sharing a living space, they would never have met.

In their case, like Dabi and Hawks, their friendship ends up breaking the relationship, as they become too immersed in each other’s lives and affected by the decisions the other makes. In the end, they end up somewhat unhealthily consumed by each other, resulting in a forced separation that has left audiences curious about the outcome to this day.

Kuroo Tetsuro & Tsukishima Kei – Haikyuu!!

During Haikyuu!! Training Camp Arc, Tsukishima ends up working with Kuroo on blocking after avoiding extra training for a few nights, and he suddenly finds himself with a new best friend. Odd pairings abound in this series, even another Nekomata and Karasuno to Kenma and Hinata, but none have really been as popular with the fanbase as these two.

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Kuroo’s patient and playful teasing that ultimately caused the ambivalent Tsukishima to agree to additional practice, the fruits of which come into play later during the match against Shiratorizawa, was a joy to watch. They revealed a side of Tsukishima’s character that hadn’t been touched on before and made him as competitive as his teammates.

Kurodo Akabane & Ginji Amano – GetBackers

GetBackers is the story of the relationship between Ginji Amano and Ban Midou, who work as scavengers for anyone from teenage girls to sketchy businessmen in Shinjuku. While the heart and soul of the series is the relationship between the two main characters, supporting characters add color and dimension to the world they live in, perhaps no more so than Kurodo Akabane.

In one of the most hilarious teams, the cheerful Ginji Amano is associated with the bloodthirsty Kurodo Akabane during a mission. Ginji is terrified of the man, and there’s a hilarious sequence in which he tries, and fails, to run away. The two actually work quite well together, though their differing moral compasses make it difficult for them to team up as often.

Light Yagami & L Lawliet – Death Note

Although they are at odds for most of the time, they share the screen together in Death threat, there are a few episodes where these two end up working together, making for one of the most bittersweet deaths in anime. As audiences see them working so hard against each other for so long, the team is unexpected and works great, at least until it’s over.

It’s clear from the episodes they share and what follows that they were each other’s true equal in a way that no other character in this world was. After L’s death and the time skip, it becomes apparent that no other character could match Light’s energy, and indeed, it takes two geniuses to bring him down, as L constantly challenged him.

Garou & Tareo – One Punch Man

A punch has several weird pairings, including Saitama and his cactus, but this one takes the cake. Garou, known to viewers and readers until now as the smug hunter-killer-turned-monster, develops a friendship with the neighborhood’s average kid Tareo after saving him. It humanizes Garou for the audience.

It’s not even a one-time interaction, there are several, leading Tareo to consider Garou a hero and tell him so. Tareo even takes care of him when he is defeated and may be the catalyst for Garou’s redemption story. Not the kind of friendship one would expect when first introduced to Garou.

Gojo Satoru & Nanami Kento – Jujutsu Kaisen

By all accounts, these two shouldn’t have ended up working together as much as they did. As viewers discover in Jujutsu Kaisen, Nanami actually quit being a wizard for a while and hates the way Gojo handles life, in general. In Jujutsu Kaisen 0, it is revealed that Gojo considered Geto Suguru to still be his best friend, not Nanami. Although they work together, this is also not an envisioned future as students themselves.

Still, the two work incredibly well together, especially when training Itadori Yuuji. While Gojo provides Yuuji with a bigger picture of what he wants to build for wizards, Nanami’s down-to-earth approach to dealing with curses is equally important in Yuuji’s development as a wizard. and character.

Rock Lee & Gaara – Naruto

Gaara defeated Rock Lee by breaking his leg during the Chuunin Exams. This marked a change in narutothe story. The last thing one would have expected at the time was that, several episodes later, these two would team up masterfully and Lee would forgive him as if nothing had happened.

In addition to their previous history, the personalities of Rock Lee and Gaara aren’t exactly the best fit for each other, given that Gaara is a more taciturn and introverted character, while Rock Lee is quite the opposite. Despite this, the two work very well together and respect each other beyond the fight in which they team up.

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