The anime returns to Catalonia; Haikyuu!!, Inazuma Eleven and more will start a new era

After many years without new licenses, it has begun to move to recover what was a golden age

Growing up watching anime like “Cowboy Bebop“, “Kimagure Orange Road“, “Inuyasha“and more is something that I owe to the crazy people of Catalan television for betting on anime a few years ago. However, over the years the issue of licenses cooled down until, as I have been able reading, many years went by without having anything new at all. Everything is getting ready to start a new era of anime in Catalan that, first of all, already has important names.

TV anime with dubbing in Catalan; returns a classic

But, where does all this I say come from? well it has been the @AnimeEnCAT team the one that has been closely following the movements of Super3 in recent days, which are clearly interpreted in an anime key. Let’s go step by step:

  • A couple of days ago, from @AnimeEnCAT they shared a couple of new licenses that TV3 and Super3 were preparing to reveal as new anime in Catalan. These were the ones from Inazuma Eleven and Ronja. ❗
  • At first I let it go to see if things calmed down or went further, since there was no official announcement yet despite having documents involved. Now, at @AnimeEnCAT they have revealed a few hours ago that Another license that has been leaked is that of Haikyuu!!. ❗
  • Indeed, it seems that Super3 and TV3 would be betting on a new era of anime in Catalan led by some of the biggest modern hits in sports, and while Ronja does not convince me to mark this return to action after so many years, the other two licenses do seem to me to be enormous successes. ✔️
  • It is important to clarify that from TV3 and Super3 they continue without announcing anything properly. However, this may be due to the fact that they are apparently still working with more licenses, which means that the return of anime in Catalan will end up with quite a few proposals from the new era. ❓

I don’t know what else TV3 and Super3 must be preparing or when these announcements will be made publicly, but as someone who (again) grew up watching anime in Catalan, in the afternoons through the autonomous television of Catalonia, the truth is that these news are pure nostalgia. I hope and wish that eventually these movements help so that, in a few years, boys and girls like me and many others end up staying with anime also in their adulthood.