The Japanese voted the best manga of all time

Between the great classics and the phenomena of the moment, needless to say that the choice is vast. But the big winner is…

What is the best manga of all time? This is a question that could provoke hours and hours of debate, with arguments as numerous as the volumes of One Piece or as powerful as the crystal balls of dragonball. Each year, spectacular new titles are released and some of them become real favourites. Others become phenomena and it doesn’t take long to hear that certain titles deserve their place in the pantheon of the best manga of all time.

Luffy and Son Goku remain the masters of the genre

In order to rekindle this passion for manga from time to time, some magazines are launching a vast survey. In recent days, this is the Japanese site who decided to test the love of fans. After many votes, the verdict has therefore fallen and we know the top 10 of the 119 titles mentioned. This is One Piece, which will soon be the subject of a Netflix adaptation, which rises to first place. After 25 years of existence, the creation of Eiichiro Oda continues to fascinate, as proven by the 490 million copies sold worldwide.

Great manga classic and real commercial empire, One Piece slowly nearing the end, but the hype may have never been stronger. In France, the translation of the latest episode has been published in 250,000 copies, a performance usually reserved for the Goncourt prizes. Behind One Piecewe find another great manga classic: dragonball. After more than 30 years of existence, we no longer present Goku, the Saiyans, the crystal balls or the Kaméhameha. As One Piecethe universe dragonball has been invited into different fields, from cinema to video games, including clothing and board games.

A ranking that once again celebrates the popularity of shonen

Finally, to complete the podium, we find in third position a certain naruto. As a reminder, Masashi Kishimoto’s manga is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. For the most curious, the rest of the Top 10 is completed in order: fromHunter X Hunter (which will soon make its big comeback), Haikyuu, The attack of the Titans, slam dunk, Death Note, Assassination Classroom and Gintama. In view of this ranking, it is clear that some manga remain timeless and continue to occupy the top of the table. We also note that the majority of the manga mentioned are all from the world of shonen. An observation that is ultimately not surprising, as shonen is an immeasurable source of manga and without a doubt the most popular genre in the world.