Tokyo 2020: anime songs from Attack on titan, Haikyuu and more play in competitions

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have started and viewers in the world closely follow the sports performance of their selected.

Being an event held in Japan, viewers, but especially fans of manga and anime, hoped that their favorite characters would have a space in the opening gala. They were greatly surprised to see that neither Goku, Luffy, Naruto and other names called to be in said appointment were present.

As the days go by, things seem to have changed, since thanks to the development of the competitions and the presentation of athletes, Songs from popular and iconic anime have made a space in Tokyo 2020.

First it was Evangelion in Tokyo 2020

As we reported at the time, none of the figures created by renowned mangakas were present at the 2021 Olympic Games ceremony, but yes a song related to Evangelion Rebuild: Tsubasa wo kudasai. This would be just the beginning.

During the archery competition between Indonesia and the United States, Guren no yumiya (first opening of Attack on titan) de Linked Horizon. BAAD’s Kimi ga suki da to sakebitai (Slam dunk opening theme) accompanied the Japanese team players in the 3 × 3 Basketball category.

Escucha Guren no yumiya de Shingeki no kiojin en Tokio 2020

Secondly, the main theme of Haikyu !! (SPYAIR’s Imagination) rang out during the volleyball match between Japan and Venezuela. The Ghost in the shell soundtrack was also shared during the women’s Judo under 48kg matches between Distria Krasniqi from Kosovo and Funa Tonaki from Japan.

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Perhaps the one that attracted the most attention when including an anime theme in her routine was Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno, who used the OST of the movie Demon slayer: mugen train. “Total concentration. Gymnastic breathing, fourth position: backward death ”, was one of the messages read that excited fans did not hesitate to share on social networks.

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Viewers also heard Tokyo revengers opening theme in artistic gymnastics competition during the men’s qualifiers on the last Saturday, July 24.

Although great characters from Japanese anime and manga could not be present at the opening of the 2020 Olympic Games, netizens hope that they will be included in the closing of the event.