Unusual Anime Topics That Actually Work

According to a recent study from 2020, more than 100 million households worldwide have chosen to watch at least one anime on Netflix growing by 50% in just one year. While anime might have been a niche that only weebs or otakus watched just a few years ago, it’s now a huge medium that attracts people from all over the world.

The term anime is often the one that elicits affection or revulsion due to the variety of content coming from this genre. Like any medium, there are stunning works that leave you completely spellbound and others that are just plain tasteless and tacky.

Anime has the beauty of being able to create literally anything as long as it comes from the imagination of the creator. Over the years there have been anime that have been pretty much anything that include the usual subjects such as black notebooks that have the power to kill, an idol group made up of statuses, and even a group of bullets that can grant any wish.

There’s no denying that some of these weird ideas don’t work and are just complete wrecks – but there are some crazy little ideas that are just pure gloss and that’s exactly what this article is about. In the world of anime, there are no limits or restrictions on what can be explored and here are some of the most anomalous topics that actually work.

Jesus and Buddha as best friends

One trope that anime tends to do brilliantly is the kind of slice-of-life that simply explores mundane life but makes it more fascinating by exploring the characters in depth. There are often comedic moments mixed in to make it light. Show like Toradora ! and Anohana: the flower we saw that day present it in the best possible way by keeping it simple and fun while being an emotional roller coaster at times.

However, this list is not about conventional slice of life anime like Holy Young Men is the furthest thing from that. Have you ever wondered what would happen if Jesus Christ and Buddha came to earth on vacation? With Holy Young Men, you’ll find exactly how this storyline would unfold as they try to keep a low profile while exploring modern Japanese society.

One day, Jesus Christ and Buddha decide to become roommates in Tokyo in order to explore Japan and take a vacation from their duties as religious figures. Throughout the show and the source manga, the two characters are shown sightseeing, drinking beer, and even playing video games!

Of course, Jesus retains his traits such as love everything and Buddha is calm, but their traits are also used for gags in the form of Buddha glowing when excited and Jesus creating wine from bath water. public. Religion can be a tricky thing to cover, but this one does it tastefully and sticks to the numbers while adding an element of humor to it all. The premise of this show is completely bonkers, but it works weirdly to create something not to be missed.

game school

When you think of high schools in anime, you think of cute characters falling in love and the biggest drama happens to be relationships. Well, that’s definitely not the case in Kakegurui which is all about a prestigious school that determines the status of the student and the grades on their playing abilities.

Without surprise, the game in the anime is a complicated subject to cover with some shows telling full-fledged stories showing the highs and lows of the game, while others simply showed a one-dimensional story without charm or character. Fortunately, Kakegurui falls into the first category and is arguably one of the best gaming anime of all time.

As mentioned earlier, the show is about an elite school whose entire order has been shattered by a new student called Yumeko Jabami. Over the course of the series, you see that Yumeko is a gambling prodigy and plays more for fun than for wealth and acclaim.

There’s so much suspense throughout each episode, and you can’t help but be on the edge of your seat. It’s honestly surprising how far people will go to stay at the top of the social chain and how they react when they’re knocked out. For a psychological thriller about gambling, Kakegurui is the anime you need.

Hook, line and sinker

Everyone loves a good sports drama and anime is no different. Hits such as Haikyuu !! and Kuroko’s Basketball showed how important the bonds of teamwork can be in sports and how hard work is more valuable than winning. Besides, who doesn’t love a good underdog story that shows the growth of beloved characters? Therefore, it’s no surprise why sports anime are so popular.

This would probably explain why an anime about a group of boys fishing is actually quite entertaining. Tsuritama tells the story of a socially inept student named Yuki who moves to a seaside town and is forced to fish by his classmate Haru.

Now Fishing doesn’t initially appear as “anime material,” but it’s actually endearing anime that’s full of life lessons. Alongside that you have a slew of completely unique characters and there’s a twist you never see coming. Sure, the show covers fishing in detail, like bait and gear, but the focus is on friendships and growing up as a kid.

Along with the intriguing premise, the animation and voice acting in the dub and subtitle are absolutely amazing. If you like whimsical shows mixed with laughter, self-discovery and fishing, be sure to check it out Tsuritama.

Anthropomorphic soda cans

If you ever think your hobby is boring then you should definitely watch this anime. Akikan! follows a sixteen-year-old college student, named Kakeru, who collects juice cans because he’s so cool. Luckily for him, he manages to buy a can of melon soda which is actually an akikan that transforms into a human girl once he infuses the can with carbon dioxide, i.e. he breathes on it.

It doesn’t even stop there with the craziness as it turns out these akikans were created by the government to determine if steel or aluminum cans are the best choice meaning different types of akikans have to fight to solve this answer.

While it can be rude at times, with Kakeru and Hidehiko being just plain awful and offensive, the star of the show has to be the akikans. The main one is called Melon (after melon soda) and she doesn’t tolerate any of Kakeru’s shenanigans. Sometimes it feels like you’re aware of the degenerate jokes and playing it even more, while sometimes it feels incredibly dated. The premise of soda cans coming to life actually works and the akikans are the best part of the show. Who would have thought that you could invest so much in the life of soda cans? The show has some kinky moments, but it’s never forced nudity or feels too fan-serving as the akikans are always battling the creep.

Akikan! is an anime that’s a guilty pleasure with silly jokes that will either hit home or fail spectacularly.