What is the order to see Haikyu !!?

Haikyū !!, the story centered on Hinata Shoyo and the volleyball team of the Karasuno High School has become in recent times one of the most popular, and not only in the Weekly Shōnen Jump from Shūeisha’s publishing house, but also from the Japanese TV and platforms dedicated to the transmission of content via streaming.

Although it initially started as a one-shot published by and for the Jump NETX! (also from Shūeisha), the manga has managed to become one of the most popular in history, receiving a highly successful animated adaptation, compilation films of the series, OVAS, special episodes and much more. However, there are always those who are not aware of everything that is happening.

So for you people who have not started watching this series yet, today we will show you what is the order and the correct way to see Haikyū !!, which will undoubtedly end up enchanting more than one.

Haikyū !!: chronological order to see the series

Haikyū is a story belonging to classic spokon genre (Also known as “sports anime”) and has stood out in it for being a story that has not only won over the male audience, but also the female audience, showing itself as a story for everyone.

Chronological order to follow Haikyu’s story !!

If you want to know what is the order to see this series and you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Below, you can see all the detailed information, the number of chapters and what is each season about based on the manga of Haruichi Furudate.

  • Haikyū !! (25 chapters)
  • Haikyū!! Second Season (25 capítulos)
  • HaikyūThird Season(10 capítulos)
  • Haikyū !!: Riku vs. Kuu (OVAs)
  • Haikyū!!: To the Top (25 capítulos)

Haikyū !!

Hinata Shoyo is a child who after seeing on TV a young man nicknamed “The Little Giant” stand out as one of the best volleyball players of the National Tournament decides to become a player of the famous sport.

However, in the shoyo school, there is not even a volleyball team and it is not until your senior year that you can form one to participate in the Prefecture Tournament, in which he is defeated by the team of Tobio Kageyama.

Haikyu !! temporada 1
Haikyū !! – 25 chapters

Our protagonist swears to defeat him and that is why he goes to the Karasuno High School after graduation, but when he visits the court of the volleyball club of the team where “The Little Giant” once played, he is surprised to see that Kageyama has also come to the same high school in order to win the National Tournament, so that now, together, they must face and defeat all their rivals to be finally japan champions.

List of episodes

  • 1 The end and the beginning
  • 2 Karasuno High School Volleyball Club
  • 3 The strongest ally
  • 4 The view from the top
  • 5 The nervousness of a coward
  • 6 An interesting team
  • 7 Against the “Great King”
  • 8 The One They Call “Star”
  • 9 A pass for the “star”
  • 10 Longing
  • 11 Decision
  • 12 The Meeting of Cats and Crows
  • 13 Rivals
  • 14 Formidable Opponents
  • 15 Renaissance
  • 16 Winners and Losers
  • 17 The Steel Wall
  • 18 Covering their backs
  • 19 Directors
  • 20 ToruOikawa no es un genio
  • 21 Senpai’s True Abilities
  • 22 Evolution
  • 23 The point that changes the current
  • 24 Retreat of the Lone King
  • 25 Third day

Haikyū!! Second Season

Karasuno was defeated, however, there is no time to regret, everyone knows that they still have the Spring Tournament, which will be their new objective and where they should defeat all your rivals to be able to reach the nationals.

Haikyu !! temporada 2
Haikyū!! Second Season – 25 capítulos

List of episodes

  • 1 Let’s go to Tokyo
  • 2 The sunlight
  • 3 Villager B
  • 4 Central star
  • 5 Greed
  • 6 Rhythm
  • 7 Moonrise
  • 8 False hero
  • 9 Against an umbrella
  • 10 Gears
  • 11 Up
  • 12! The games begin!
  • 13 Simple and pure power
  • 14 Still growing
  • 15 A place to play
  • 16 Next
  • 17 The Battle Without Willpower
  • 18 Losers
  • 19 The Steel Wall
  • 20 Deleted
  • 21 The Destroyer
  • 22 The Old Coward’s Fight
  • 23 Team
  • 24 The absolute limit switch
  • 25 Declaration of War

Haikyū Third Season

“The Ravens that cannot fly” is how the volleyball team of the Karasuno High School, but now they have proven that they can fly after defeating one of the Prefectural Tournament favorites, Aoba Jousai.

Haikyu !! temporada 3
HaikyūThird Season – 10 capítulos

However, there is still an obstacle to overcome for Hinata and her team can go to the nationals, and this is the unbeatable Academia Shiratorizawa, who have dominated the local tournament in recent years and to whom neither Aoba Jousai could defeat not once.

List of episodes

  • 1 Greetings
  • 2 The threat of the southpaw
  • 4 Halo lunar
  • 5 Singles against numbers
  • 6 The chemical reaction of encounters
  • 7 Obsession
  • 8 an annoying guy
  • 9 Volleyball Idiots
  • 10 The Battle of Concepts

Haikyū!!: To the Top

The Karasuno High School Volleyball Club got to be the winner of the Prefectural Tournament, so they have earned their place in the prestigious National Tournament that will take place in Tokyo, “the place where the strongest meet”, so now they must face the best teams from all over Japan and defeat them to finally be the champions.

Haikyu !! To the Top-2
Haikyū!!: To the Top – 25 capítulos

List of episodes

  • 1 Presentations
  • 2 lost
  • 3 Point of view
  • 4 Take it easy
  • 5 Hunger
  • 6 Improvement
  • 7 Return
  • 8 Challenger
  • 9 One night for all
  • 10 Battlefront
  • 11 An opportunity to connect
  • 12 vivid
  • 13 The second day
  • 14 Rhythm
  • 15 Find
  • 16 Broken Heart
  • 17 Cats VS Monkeys
  • 18 Trap
  • 19 Strongest Challenger
  • 20 Leader
  • 21 Hero
  • 22 Pin
  • 23 The Birth of the New King
  • 24 Monster Feast
  • 25 The Promised Land