‘My Hero Academia’: Season 6 ends one of its great heroes and fans mourn his death

The episode ‘Un verdadero infierno’ (6×14) is now available on Crunchyroll Spain.

My Hero Academia is back with its sixth season and things are getting worse for our protagonists every day. On December 24, we saw the heroes face a dire situation as the raid against Shigaraki didn’t go as planned.

The aftermath of the battle is horrifying, and our heroes are learning firsthand what’s at stake when you’re a hero. After all, one of his mentors has been killed in action and it’s one of the most significant deaths in anime to date.

SPOILERS: Important details of the episode ‘A True Hell’ (6×14) are revealed below

The chapter ‘A real hell’ (6×14) has hosted the unexpected death of the superheroine Midnight. While the students of Class 1-A were able to somehow escape the fight against the Paranormal Liberation Front, it seems that Midnight couldn’t do the same.

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The last time she is seen she was facing a group of antagonists who were harassing her. Although it could not be seen how she was trying to stay alive, the students of Class 1-A were able to approach her limp body, unable to hold back her tears. The fans of My Hero Academia They have not been slow to use their social networks to show their sadness at such a sad event:

But Midnight has not been the only hero to die, as it is also observed that Majestic was also killed in the fight. Now, with civilians questioning the heroes’ ability to protect them, Deku will have to step up when it comes to holding society together. With a much darker appearance in the new opening credits of the second half of the sixth season, fans of Boku no Hero Academia They are ready to see Dark Deku in action.

Remember that the sixth season of My Hero Academia can be enjoyed in our country by the hand of crunchyroll at the same time as its broadcast in Japan.