Netflix Anime: one of the greatest manga of all time back on the SVOD platform

Each month, the SVOD platform does its best to compete against the animation giants ADN, Wakanim or Crunchyroll. In addition to that, she is never immune to a hard blow: subscribers have experienced it more than once, the programs are sometimes not eternal. However, if Netflix sometimes suffers painful losses for its loyal subscribers, the platform continues its fight to recover the rights, like this cult anime which will make its big comeback!

Netflix subscribers inconsolable after the announcement of the withdrawal of this cult anime!
On December 5, Netflix made an announcement that sounded heartbreaking for the most loyal subscribers who regularly consume the anime that the American SVOD giant makes available. In this email, the platform indicated that it was the last weeks… before the withdrawal of naruto and Naruto Shippudenthe two adaptations of Masashi Kishimoto’s seminal manga. As of December 31, the 9 seasons of naruto and the 21 seasons of Naruto Shippuden were to leave the catalogue, and they did. Inevitably, on social networks, Internet subscribers have expressed their distress and their great disappointment. However, and against all expectations, the situation was not irreversible!

Manga and anime fans have barely had time to dry their tears when they cry again, but this time it’s indeed joy! Netflix was therefore happy, yesterday, to shout loud and clear that the blond Naruto Uzumaki, both full of energy and dreaming of becoming Hokage, was going to make a comeback with his thirty seasons under his arm in the coming days. ! From February 1, subscribers will be able to relaunch themselves in a marathon of episodes or watch the anime for the umpteenth time. Since the content does not belong to them, Netflix explains that they had to renegotiate the broadcasting rights in order to be able to offer the program again to subscribers. Disappear to come back stronger, that’s the shōnen spirit!

In addition to Naruto, other anime to discover on Netflix!
You only have to scroll on the Netflix application to understand that anime are now a category in their own right in the SVOD giant’s catalog.. Sub-sections, there are packages, and they are adapted to all tastes and all desires. Recently, Netflix decided to offer us a good dose of horror by making available the first seasonconsisting of 12 episodes, of the macabre anthology devoted to the work of Junji Ito. Better still, the platform even tries simulcast, that is to say the retransmission of an anime shortly after its broadcast in Japan, with the anime Vinland Saga. Season 2 started two weeks ago, and it currently offers us to watch the first three episodes.

Netflix Anime: one of the greatest manga of all time back on the SVOD platform
Certainly, there is the reunion with this dear Thorfinn, unrecognizable at the start of this season 2, but not only! The platform has, at this very moment, many other arguments in terms of manga and anime. At the very beginning of last January, we advised you to take a look at Monster the complete version of which will soon be fully available on the platform, as well as the adaptation of the famous manga Hajime no Ippo. Beyond that, there are also big names that feature in the catalog : Berserk, Parasyte, Hunter x Hunter, My Hero Academia, The attack of the Titans or Demon Slayer to recite nobody else but them. Moreover, Netflix is ​​preparing a nice surprise for us since anime fans will be able to enjoy, from February 26, the animated feature film Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, the movie: The Infinity Train !