The heroes of My Hero Academia have managed to defeat their biggest threat yet

One of My Hero Academia’s greatest threats has finally been defeated.
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In the history of My Hero Academia there is an organization called “the League of Villains”in which we can find a great variety of vile and evil characters, whose main objective is to end peace by killing the heroes.

Also, in this story there a counterpart that is in charge of dealing with this evil organization: the students of the various academies who are in charge of training people who have gifts and turning them into heroes, mainly the students of the UA Academy

Although it has not been an easy task for the heroes to face the villains, in the most recent chapters of the anime the heroes have been able to defeat one of the main and biggest threats of the League of Villains. Below we tell you the details.

This post contains spoilers from episode #13 of the sixth season of My Hero Academia.

This great threat from My Hero Academia has been defeated
Finally the heroes have managed to end this great threat
Finally the heroes have managed to end this great threat

The heroes in My Hero Academia have had to make use of their gifts or quirks in arduous battles for power defeat the League of Villains and its most malevolent members.

In one of the most recent chapters of season 6 of the My Hero Academia anime, events have escalated to unimaginable levels, because just when the heroes believed that there was no longer any kind of hope, they managed to emerge victorious after believing that all was lost.

In the first cut of episode #13 of the anime My Hero Academiathe heroes, after a long and hard battle, have finally managed to get the victory against an extremely strong character: Gigantomachia or Machia.

This gigantic villain receives a summons from Shigarakiand immediately begins its journey towards its location, leaving great chaos and destruction in its wake.

the heroine midnight was the first to take action in order to stop Machia, but unfortunately died after being crushed by debris which were being launched by the villain Mr. Compress.

Midnight’s death at the hands of Mr. Compress
Midnight’s death at the hands of Mr. Compress

Before dying, Midnight sends a message to the heroes and incites them to devise a plan to neutralize the gigantic villain Machia, with Momo leading the heroes of class 1-A and 1-B in an attack to put sleeping pills or sedatives in Machia’s mouth, and thus, make him sleep.

The heroes managed to get the sedatives into Machia’s mouth, but they had no effect. The heroes despaired, and the villain continued in his wake creating even more ruckus until he reached Shigaraki’s location.

This villain did not count on the fact that upon reaching the place where Shigaraki was, along with him came hero number 3, known as Best Jeanist or Tsunagu Hakamadawho carried with him some steel cables, which he used to tie up the gigantic villain in order to neutralize him.

While Machia was tied up and immobilized, Endeavor punched him hard in the jaw, causing the sedatives to take effect finally, sleeping and thus taking down the villain.

Endeavor punches Macchia resulting in the sleeping pill given to him earlier taking effect.
Endeavor punches Macchia resulting in the sleeping pill given to him earlier taking effect.

Even Hakamada or Best Jeanist himself admits that they have only managed to defeat this evil character thanks to the collaboration of each of the heroes who contributed their grain of sand to be able to give the evil servant of All For One what he deserved.

It goes without saying that the union of both groups of heroes has been the essential piece to manage to deal with Gigantomachia. Due should be given recognition and tribute to Midnightwho gave his life for the cause of ending the evil villain Machia, and contributing a grain of sand for ending the evildoers.

In addition, It should be noted that without the courage of each character who participated in this battle, especially Midnight, perhaps the story would have had a different outcome.

Without a doubt, this has been one of the most emotional chapters of this story, since it leaves us with a great feeling of hope and lets us see that the heroes are closer and closer to obtaining a definitive victory against the League of Villains.