The sixth season proves that Ochaco is the MVP of Boku no Hero

season 6 of My Hero Academia now it’s up and running again with new episodes this year as part of the new wave of anime for the calendar of anime winter of 2023, and now, the series has named Ochaco Uraraka the most valuable player in the most recent episode.

The sixth season began with the great war between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front and ended with some massive losses on both sides of the attack. Now the series will explore the aftermath of everything that happened during the first half of the season, and there will be some strong emotions to break through.

the anime of boku no hero makes its way through the final moments of the Paranormal Liberation Front arc with Episode 127 of the series as Ochaco Uraraka and the other heroes attempt to rescue as many people as possible from the damaged areas.

It was there where the fans of the anime they loved seeing the young heroine try as hard as she could to save everyone, and that’s why she’s been honored as season 6’s newest MVP because of how much she tried to help civilians at risk.

Why is Ochaco the newest My Hero Academia MVP?
Episode 127 of the anime explores the immediate aftermath of the massive fight between the heroes and villains, and while both sides suffered some heavy losses, the episode served as a good reminder that they’re not the only ones involved in the war. All the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire still need help, and Ochaco and the other heroes still active now fight to save them.

But it’s a difficult path, as the chaos is far more brutal than the heroes have ever faced. It’s a reality check in a lot of ways for heroes who might have gotten into the business for the wrong reasons, and even though Ochaco faces the same kind of realization that everyone else does, he keeps going because he’s the right thing to do as a hero.

That’s why she is now the MVP of the episode, and it remains to be seen what’s next for her in the final episodes of the season, as she continues to be one of the favorite characters within the anime.