10 Anime Heroes Demon Slayer Daki Can Defeat In Battle

demon slayer is a hit shonen action series with a monster hunter theme where sword-wielding demon slayers travel across Japan dispatching deadly, flesh-eating demons of all shapes and sizes. Ordinary demons are no match for elite slayers like Tanjiro and the Hashira, but the Upper Moons are another story.

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The Upper Moons are the strongest demons of all and they easily match any Hashira, even the likes of Kyojuro Rengoku or Tengen Uzui. The Upper Moon 6, a cruel demon named Daki, may have lost to Tanjiro and Tengen in the end, but she could defeat a wide variety of heroes from other anime if they tried to kill her. Daki’s formidable skills are more than enough to slaughter these anime heroes.

ten Chad is too slow to fight Daki (Bleach)

chad bleach

Fighters in other anime series lack Nichirin Swords and Wisteria Poison, so they’d have to decapitate a demon like Daki to win the fight – even then, it wouldn’t be easy. Many elite Soul Reapers could take on Daki, being Bleachof the Hashira, but Ichigo’s good friend Chad would be out of luck.

Chad excels in power vs. power matches and he’s even tougher than he looks. The problem is that he has no way to actually kill Daki or even hurt her and he’s too slow to evade Daki’s belt attacks, which can hit Chad from any direction. Even Chad’s shield arm wouldn’t help him win.

9 Sakura Haruno can’t deliver the finishing blow (Naruto)

Sakura Haruno from Shippuden

Naruto’s teammate Sakura Haruno looks pretty much like Bleach Chad in terms of combat, being a melee focused fighter with devastating punches with a focus on durability. Sakura lacks Chad’s natural strength, but she can practice medical ninjutsu to heal herself and her allies, which helps her stay in the fight.

Naruto’s Sakura smashed Sasori to pieces with her fists, but that wouldn’t work against Daki, who can take any punch and keep fighting. Daki could just overwhelm Sakura with his sharp belt-based attacks. She would have nothing to fear from Sakura’s counterattacks – if Sakura could even land a blow, of course.

8 Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye will need more than bullets (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, as her last name suggests, is an excellent marksman and sniper and she can hit any target at any distance. She took part in the horrific Ishval Civil War before putting her skills to good use against the deadly homunculi with Roy Mustang and Edward Elric, but her skills didn’t make it against Daki.

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Just like homunculi, demons can regenerate their flesh and it takes more than ordinary bullets to kill them, as Riza would find out the hard way. Then, Daki would slice Riza with his ultra-sharp belts and claim victory.

7 Elfman Strauss is going to lose his mind (Fairy Tail)

To his credit, Fairy tales Melee wizard Elfman Strauss could give Daki a good fight, but he would have no way to finish him off as he lacks a bladed weapon and the speed to punch Daki in the neck. Elfman could use Take Over magic to become a muscular monster and be able to ignore Daki’s attacks at first.

However, Daki would push himself to the next level in this fight and restrain Elfman’s wrists with his belts to leave his neck vulnerable. Then, Daki’s belts would repeatedly strike Elfman’s neck until she was finally able to slit his throat – or remove his head entirely.

6 Pannacotta Fugo’s Booth Will Do No Good (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Pannacotta Fugo was part of Bruno Bucciarati’s stand user team in the golden wind story arc and he wields a deadly melee stand named Purple Haze. This Stand can release an ultra-deadly virus from its knuckles and this virus will not discriminate between friend and foe – it is deadly to all.

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Against other melee stand users, Fugo has a serious advantage, but he wouldn’t last long against Daki, who would simply hold Purple Haze back with a few strings. She couldn’t destroy that Stand, but she wouldn’t have to – while Purple Haze is restrained, Daki could take Fugo’s head off with another bladed belt.

5 Homura Kogetsu’s blade won’t reach Daki in time (Edens Zero)

homura edens zero

Homura Kogetsu is almost like a demon slayer and she ranks among Rebecca’s strongest allies in the Eden Zero. She learned the way of the sword from her beloved mentor, Valkyrie, and she is fast, precise, and deadly in battle. Daki should take her seriously.

Homura could give Daki a good fight, but she couldn’t match Daki’s stamina and strength. In this fight, Homura would slowly but surely fall behind and Daki’s belts would slice her until she was brought to her knees. Then Daki would finish him off.

4 Mako can burn Daki, but he can’t kill her (The Legend of Korra)

Mako looks angry

Some benders in the Avatar The universe could inflict severe damage on Daki or hold her back, such as with earthbending, but Mako the firebender has no such options. The Legend of Korra Mako could burn Daki from head to toe with his fire and zap her with lightning, but that wouldn’t end an Upper Moon.

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Daki had a bad experience with fire before and she wouldn’t let that happen again. His belt attacks would be sure to overwhelm Mako’s limited defenses and it would only take a few serious blows from Daki to get Mako to his hands and knees. Then she would deliver the final blow.

3 Azazel Ameri is going to lose this demon fight (Welcome to demon school, Iruma-Kun!)

azazel ameri iruma-kun

Welcome to the school of demons, Iruma-Kun! Azazel Ameri is also a demon and she even has a blood trait, romantic. With it, she can greatly increase her power and unleash incredible strength in battle. She took down a huge monster in Walter Park with this power and she would try it again against Daki.

However, that wouldn’t work – Daki would use his speed and belts to avoid the worst of Ameri’s attack, which would discourage Ameri and thus drain his power. Ameri would run out of options and Daki would tear her to pieces with his blade belts.

2 The Metal Bat lacks sufficient defenses (One-Punch Man)

The man with one fist Metal Bat is an S-rated hero that pays homage to typical Japanese young delinquents and he’s even stronger than he looks. Metal Bat is fast, agile, and incredibly strong – he can reshape the entire battlefield with kicks from a metal baseball bat. In demon slayer terms, he is like a Hashira with a strangely shaped Nichrin sword.

Metal Bat could deal damage and give Daki a good fight, but he couldn’t take his head off and he couldn’t match Daki’s superhuman regeneration and stamina. He would slowly but surely fall behind in this fight until Daki restrained his arms and legs with his belts before ripping his head off with one final attack.

1 Maki Zenin’s Weapons Can’t Kill Daki (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Jujutsu Kaisen Maki Zenin is a powerful witch who attends the Tokyo School and although she has no natural curse energy, Maki has remarkable speed, strength, and stamina as a human. She also wields an impressive variety of weapons charged with cursed energy; she was more than a match for Kyoto students.

However, Maki wouldn’t go very far against the Upper Moons. Her cursed weapons work against curses, not demons, and she would have no way to break through Daki’s defenses and deliver the final blow. Instead, Daki would grab Maki’s arms and wrists and play with her before finishing her off.

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