10 Anime Heroes Stronger Than Neo Of The Matrix

The matrix is a landmark cyberpunk film trilogy starring Keanu Reeves as Thomas Anderson, the Chosen One, a legendary being who will free humanity from the tyranny of the Machines. In those films, Neo can use advanced martial arts and even stop bullets while battling agents in the digital Matrix world, and he seemed downright unstoppable.

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Neo is indeed powerful, but there are heroes in other works of fiction who are even stronger than him, and if they ended up in The Matrix, they would show Neo how it’s done. Most of these heroes come from the world of Japanese anime, and they would make battling agents easy.

ten Everything is Alone 2.0 (My Hero Academia)

all could fight the position

The seemingly invincible symbol of peace, All Might, is a melee hero like no other. He wielded the power of One For All at his peak, and this, combined with his tremendous natural strength, made him the strongest hero in the world for many years.

For All Might, stopping bullets and hitting agents is just the beginning. Unlike Neo, All Might can inspire the masses as a dazzling symbol of hope, and when he uses a Smash attack or upgrades to Plus Ultra, even the One cannot compete. All Might would send Agent Smith flying into the sun.

9 Saitama is overpowered with humor (One-Punch Man)

One Punch Man Saitama Punches

Saitama is the bald caped man whose lowly rank in the Hero Association belies his true strength. Examiners thought there was a god residing in his body, and they may well be right. In battle, Saitama is legendary for dispatching any enemy with a single knuckle sandwich, and sometimes a simple slap is all he needs.

Neo is a devastating melee fighter in his own right, but even he couldn’t send an agent flying halfway across town with a single punch. If Agent Smith harassed Saitama on a shopping spree, Saitama would run him down next week.

8 Naruto Uzumaki has Kurana by his side (Naruto)

At first, having the nine-tailed fox Kurama within him was a huge disadvantage for Naruto Uzumaki, but after training with Jiraiya and Kakashi, Naruto learned to harness the terrifying power within him and use it for good. He can even combine Kurama’s power with Sage Mode to create something entirely new.

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Naruto can’t stop bullets with his bare hands, but his vast chakra and advanced jutsu outclass anything Neo can do, and his strongest forms in Shippuden would wipe out a whole squad of agents, no sweat. Neo would be impressed.

7 Ichigo Kurosaki is too fast for the eye to follow (Bleach)

Ichigo from Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki is another shonen hero who may have started out weak, but by the end of Bleach, he ranked among the most powerful shounen protagonists of all time. Like Neo, Ichigo initially thought he was an ordinary person, until he found his true destiny and awakened his powers as a hero who will save the world.

Ichigo is now a Soul Reaper with fast and deadly bankai, and he can greatly increase his power with his Hollow mask and the power of the Getsuga Tensho. Even Neo can’t move as fast as Ichigo, and lacks Ichigo’s sharp blade and ranged attacks. And that’s not even counting Ichigo’s inner Vasto Lorde.

6 Meliodas is a Demon Prince (The Seven Deadly Sins)

casual Meliodas - the seven deadly sins

Meliodas is the son of the Demon King and the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins team. He may be a man of two worlds, but he’s already chosen his side – the Kingdom of Liones and all its people. Meliodas will fight for good until the end, especially if it is for the good of his lover, the archangel Elizabeth.

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In battle, little Meliodas is much stronger than he looks, blessed with extreme strength and speed as a demon swordsman with centuries of experience under his belt. He can even redirect the opponent’s attack back to him with Full Counter, regardless of the strength of the original attack. No one ever sees it coming.

5 Rimuru Tempest can do almost anything (that time I was reincarnated as a slime)


Rimuru Tempest is an isekai hero who is much more than an ordinary slime who can talk. He has the Predator skill, and with it, Rimuru can absorb another creature and gain its attributes. He can also use Greed to consume a spell. Now he is a one man army.

Rimuru can’t match Neo’s martial arts prowess, but his magical abilities more than make up for it, from black fire to sticky spider threads and the ability to quickly regenerate his body and consume enemies with Predator to end the fight longer. early. Neo wishes he could do even half of that.

4 Korra’s avatar state is formidable (The Legend of Korra)

Korra fighting someone in The Legend of Korra

Korra, like all Avatars before her, can access her past lives, master the four elements, and channel the power of Raava the Spirit of Light to become an invincible guardian of peace and harmony in the world. Korra can be brash and reckless at times, but when she’s in the Avatar state, any fight is already won.

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Korra can master all four elements at once, and combat is when she’s at her best. Neo may have superior techniques in unarmed combat, but he wishes he could master the four elements and control minds like Korra does. Korra would have no problem sealing Agent Smith into the Tree of Time.

3 Satoru Gojo has unlimited power (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Satoru Gojo in the gorgeous anime

Already, Satoru Gojo has established himself as one of the most powerful anime characters, not only in Jujutsu Kaisen but in all anime, which is saying a lot. He can be a goofy troublemaker half the time, but when he gets serious, no curse will stand a chance against him.

Satoru has formidable martial arts skills, augmented by his cursed energy, but expanding the domain is where he shines. He has harnessed the power of infinity and he can trap his opponent in a terrifying realm where he is overloaded with infinite information. Agent Smith wouldn’t last five seconds against that.

2 Jotaro Kujo can stop time (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

jotaro kujo with platinum star

Jotaro Kujo can’t do much with his bare hands, but again he has a powerful melee stand named Star Platinum that can do all the fighting for him. Star Platinum’s extreme speed, strength, and technique can match anything Neo can do, and he can even catch individual balls. But there is more.

Jotaro learned from DIO how to stop time for a few seconds, giving him an overwhelming advantage against any enemy, Stand user or not. If Jotaro confronted Smith, he would show Neo how it was done and freeze time before turning Smith to digital dust.

1 Son Goku is several steps ahead of Neo (Dragon Ball)

Son Goku is one of the most powerful and legendary shonen heroes of all time, and he could definitely surpass Neo if he somehow finds himself inside the Matrix. Goku is a melee fighter just like Neo, and his Saiyan-level strength, speed, agility, and stamina surpass anything Neo can offer.

Goku could easily take on a whole platoon of Agent Smith and triumph easily, and he wouldn’t hesitate to step up to the Machine Lords and fight them as well to secure humanity’s freedom.

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