10 Anime Heroes Who Would Rather Be Killed Than Surrender

The anime world is filled with some of the most powerful and brave characters in fiction. Goku of the Dragon Ball franchise and Asta of black clover are two class acts that can easily be compared to Superman and Ghost Rider.

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Power and courage are just two of the attributes often possessed by anime heroes. Another common attribute is the stubborn belief that audiences are used to seeing in heroes like Batman and Iron Man. This means they’d rather die than give up, making them one of the most inspiring fictional heroes of all time.

dix Asta put his life in the hands of a devil to save Yami

Liebe and Asta, black clover

At the center of the Black Bulls, Asta, without magic, found himself in a number of life or death situations. Since making his way to the Black Bulls, Asta has proven time and time again that he will fight for what he believes in no matter what.

Nothing tested Asta’s conviction more than the devil-binding ritual that gave Liebe the chance to stand beside his longtime ally in the flesh. After facing Liebe in battle, Asta offered his hand to his evil friend. The bond that formed between Asta and Liebe was risky, but it gave him the chance to rescue Yami from the Spade Kingdom.

9 Bakugo looked death in the face without letting it slow down

bakugo ready for battle

Bakugo’s stubbornness is an essential part of his character. It is because of his stubborn refusal to take second place behind Deku that he continues to keep pace with One For All, the most powerful Quirk in the world. my hero academia.

The moment Bakugo proved he’d rather die than surrender came when he faced Tomura Shigaraki for the second time. The first time Bakugo came face to face with Shigaraki, he was powerless against the super-powered antagonist but still refused to join them and become a villain. Facing him again proves that Bakugo would rather die than give up his claim to strength.

8 Yuji would rather give up his own life than give his body back to Sukuna.

Anime Jujutsu Kaisen Yuji Itadori Poing divergent

Ever since the day he inherited the power of Ryomen Sukuna, Yuji Itadori has been tempted by the power of the ancient curse. This is made clear when Yuji gave in to Sukuna in the 4th episode of the anime.

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Using Sukuna’s strength, Yuji managed to defeat a special level curse, but in doing so, he endangered the lives of his allies. To save himself and Megumi, Yuji chose to return to a body unable to live without Sukuna’s power.

sept Edward Elric would risk his own life before letting his family down

As the youngest State Alchemist in history, Edward Elric lives by the rules of Equivalent Exchange. To prove this, Edward sacrificed several limbs in an attempt to bring his mother and brother back to the land of the living. If that wasn’t enough proof that Ed would rather give up his life than surrender, fans need only look at the sacrifice Ed made before facing Father in the finale of Full Metal Alchemist : Confrérie.

6 Goku has put his life on the line for planet Earth dozens of times

goku contre beerus

It’s still unclear if Goku is too stubborn to give up or too stupid to back down, but his willingness to sacrifice his own life has been made clear time and time again. In canon, Goku has already died twice. If the fans look outside the Dragon Ball canon, they will find out that he died a total of 5 times.

During Goku’s battle with Beerus, he refused to surrender despite being far outmatched by the God of Destruction. It was thanks to this that he managed to win Beerus to his side.

5 Luffy’s mission to become the Pirate King leaves him no room to surrender

Luffy awakens Conqueror's Haki during Marineford - One Piece

A pirate king never surrenders. Luffy proved it even before he won the title of Pirate King himself. Through over 1000 manga chapters and anime episodes, Luffy has never given up on his mission to become the Pirate King. Even when outmatched or outmaneuvered, Luffy refused to relinquish his claim to the Pirate Throne.

4 Light Yagami didn’t even want to surrender after almost catching him in the act

Light Yagami in his final moments

Although many question Light Yagami’s status as an anime hero, his position as the protagonist of Death threat offers him the chance to die for what he believes in. Of course, in Light’s case, dying for the chance to murder innocent people is a losing game.

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Light is one of the few anime heroes who has managed to prove that he would rather die than surrender. He proved it the moment Near connected him to Kira. Instead of facing justice, Light attempted to use a piece of the Death Note hidden in his watch to take Near’s life. Unfortunately, the bullets travel faster than the pen and Light was forced to face death due to his inability to surrender.

3 The Afro Samurai is a force of nature that never surrenders

Afro Samurai _ Afro _ Film

The Afro Samurai never surrenders. Throughout his mission to avenge his father, Afro has faced off against a cybernetic ninja named Jinno and a god wearing the number one headband. Instead of giving up and facing defeat, Afro kept going despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in his path.

2 Tanjiro Kamado would rather give up his own life than his mission to save Nezuko

Tanjiro stops Nezuko from eating a human in Demon Slayer

The plot of demon slayer revolves entirely around Tanjiro Kamado’s mission to rescue his little sister, Nezuko. After being exposed to Muzan Kibutsuji’s blood, Nezuko transformed into a demon that craves human blood. Instead of running away from his sister and letting Giyu Tomioka do his job as Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Tanjiro put his life on the line to find a cure for Nezuko.

Even after Nezuko attempted to kill him, Tanjiro devoted his life to mastering the art of water breathing in order to join the Demon Slayer Corps and find a cure. This path led him directly into the hands of Muzan Kibutsuji. Yet Tanjiro never stopped fighting.

1 Korra is defined by her stubbornness for the majority of her series

korra short hair legend of korra

No one has ever questioned Avatar Korra’s ability to fight. Still, after being forced to inherit Aang’s Avatar mantle, there were pretty high expectations for the headstrong young Southern Water Tribe woman. These expectations led to the development of an inferiority complex that prevented her from surrendering, no matter what situation she found herself in.

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