10 duras realidades de ver Jujutsu Kaisen

The anime adaptation of Jujutsu Ka Gege Akutami’s isen achieved great popularity. The growing popularity of Jujutsu Kaisen, with a combination of detailed animation, an amazing soundtrack, and an engaging storyline, was not undeserved. It has established itself as an essential work for fans of the shonen genre.

However, jujutsu Kaisen is not without its surprises and flaws in the eyes of some viewers. jujutsu Kaisen it is full of exciting moments and has left fans clamoring for the next season. Despite this, there are still some unexpected and potentially disappointing aspects to prepare for.

10 The Story Begins Ridiculously

Anime and manga have never been afraid of making leaps of logic and having far-fetched stories. Jujutsu Kaisen It begins in a way that can leave viewers surprised. Yuji, the protagonist, is originally “normal”. He ends up being thrown into the world of Jujutsu by a chance encounter with Megumi and a cursed spirit.

He gains his own cursed powers by impulsively swallowing the mummified finger of the late “King of Curses”, Ryomen Sukuna. This method of acquiring powers is surprisingly silly in the scope of the rest of the series.

9 Sukuna Is Surprisingly Nice10 duras realidades de ver jujutsu kaisen 1

Introduced as the cursed spirit that possesses Yuji, Sukuna is a formidable opponent and possesses a great deal of power. He is at odds with Yuji most of the time, fighting for control of the boy’s body.

Sukuna is disrespectful and downright cruel to Yuji and others he meets, but he possesses strength and a certain charming charisma. Though it does little to atone for its horrible deeds, it’s written in such a way that it’s hard not to like it a bit.

8 The Story Goes Dark Quickly10 duras realidades de ver jujutsu kaisen 2

Although there is a lot of comedy on the surface, Jujutsu Kaisen he is not afraid to delve into darker subjects. At first, Yuji is faced with the death of his grandfather, the only family he has left. After swallowing Sukuna’s finger, he becomes possessed by Sukuna’s spirit and faces execution for it. Gojo Satoru suspends the sentence and convinces Yuji to consume all the fingers in order to banish Sukuna’s spirit once and for all. As Jujutsu Kaisen As it progresses, it doesn’t shy away from even heavier plotlines that may surprise shonen fans.

7 real-life problems are still part of the story10 duras realidades de ver jujutsu kaisen 3

Some anime stray completely away from realistic issues, providing viewers with a way to escape reality. But nevertheless, Jujutsu Kaisen continues to present problems firmly rooted in reality. No character embodies this better than Kento Nanami.

He retired from witchcraft to work as a salaryman. He deeply disliked the job due to the greedy nature of the company he worked for, and later turned to witchcraft. Even if Jujutsu Kaisen is full of magic and monsters, there are many references to the current struggles that many people face.

6 Sukuna stays on the sidelines10 duras realidades de ver jujutsu kaisen 4

Sukuna is presented as a fearsome and powerful character, who gives most people a hard fight if they hope to defeat him. However, he is left aside for a good part of Jujutsu Kaisen.

He has little role in everything that happens to Yuji, and the role of the main antagonist is taken by other villains. The other villains are no less interesting than Sukuna and are formidable in their own way. However, his lack of screen time is disappointing after his big, shocking introduction.

5 Gojo Satoru Is Too Powerful10 duras realidades de ver jujutsu kaisen 5

For the standards of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo Satoru is ridiculously powerful. As seen in his fight with Jogo, even touching him is impossible due to his Cursed Technique. Although the fight scenes are very creative, it is clear who is going to emerge victorious in the end.

When Yuji and his friends get into real trouble, he is usually absent, as he would probably be able to solve the problem right away. His immense power plays into his character development, but some viewers might find the ease with which he deals with enemies unexciting.

4 The Death And Resurrection Of The Characters Happens Too Soon10 duras realidades de ver jujutsu kaisen 6

The death and resurrection of a character can have a strong impact if done correctly. Yuji dies and is resurrected at the beginning of Jujutsu Kaisen, and his character and relationships have barely been established. After facing a dangerous cursed spirit, Yuji dies.

He is only later resurrected by Sukuna. The impact of his possible death is lessened by the rush of the moment, since the viewer has barely had time to form an opinion about him as the main character. It’s a disappointing twist to the story.

3 Some Powers Make No Sense10 duras realidades de ver jujutsu kaisen 7

In the world del Jujutsu, each sorcerer has a unique power for him or his family. For the most part, these powers are explained, such as Inumaki’s Cursed Speech. However, some powers are unexplained. Panda is a cursed corpse that looks like a panda and has sentience, which is not a power that is explained.

His existence is largely unexplained, making him an odd addition to a mostly human cast of characters. Similarly, Gojo’s Infinity power is difficult to grasp, making his oversized nature frustratingly difficult to comprehend.

2 A Great Cast Of Characters10 duras realidades de ver jujutsu kaisen 8

The jujutsu cast Kaisen It starts small, with only Yuji, Megumi, Nobara, and Gojo at the forefront of the story. As Jujutsu Ka isen progresses, the number of important characters increases considerably. Other schools are presented, with their respective students and teachers, as well as other members of society.

Animes with large casts are nothing new in recent years. However, viewers may be frustrated by the number of new characters that appear after the first few episodes.

1 The series ends with more questions than answers10 duras realidades de ver jujutsu kaisen 9

the jujutsu mangaKaisenit’s still ongoing, so the anime ends with a lot of unresolved plot threads. jujutsu Kaisen it even introduces a new villain in the latest episode. Yuji’s fate with Sukuna is not yet sealed, and most of the villains encountered throughout Jujutsu Kaisen remain undefeated.

Some viewers might enjoy the mystery and anticipation of the next season if they don’t jump into the manga. Those looking for a plot resolution or a single season anime to watch will be disappointed.