10 harsh realities of life in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe

Jujutsu Kaisen It has quickly become a favorite with anime fans, and it’s not hard to see why. With likeable characters, great action, a good sense of humor, and an intriguingly dark world, there are many things that viewers love. Although if they had the opportunity to live in the universe of Jujutsu Kaisen , some might reconsider.

Although there are many different anime worlds that are entertaining to watch from afar, not all of them would be good places to live. Jujutsu it would definitely be among them due to the harsh and often gruesome realities that living in this anime world would entail.

10 curses are very real and very furious

There is an aura of mystery surrounding the subject of the supernatural, things that draw people to learn about unknown forces like ghosts and monsters. On Jujutsu Kaisen this is not a mystery at all, because the existence of Cursed Spirits (or simply “curses”) is very real and they are not happy.

Although some curses are more benign than others, there are many that are willing to tear people apart limb if they get close enough. Essentially every waking second in the world del Jujutsu It could be a ghost story that comes to life.

9 all the grotesque fuel from nightmares / the many ways you can die10 duras realidades de la vida en el universo jujutsu kaisen 1

Curses are not visible to normal humans, and that may be a good thing because the world of Jujutsu Kaisen it is full of grotesque images that could drive any sane person who witnessed them crazy. With the different types of cursed energy, there are too many ways to die in this world.

Depending on the curse, death can come quickly, or it can be slow and painful. That’s not counting the sudden mutation of body horror that Mahito can make, which is not only gruesome but basically torture for the victim. If someone else unsuspecting saw all of this, they might not sleep again.

8 You can become a Jujutsu wizard, but all three families have favoritism10 duras realidades de la vida en el universo jujutsu kaisen 2

Fortunately, there are Jujutsu wizards who fight Cursed Spirits, and the best news is that essentially anyone who can see curses can become one. Anyone who trains their body, mind, and of course the Cursed Energy can become an impressive Jujutsu Sorcerer, but those who are descended from the three sorcerer families have a special preference.

Although being part of one of these families is not exactly what it seems, there is no doubt that its members get a little more favoritism and innate talent with the Cursed Energy. If you do not belong to one of those families, the path to becoming a good sorcerer becomes much more difficult.

7 If you are a woman, life in the world of jujutsu is now ten times more difficult10 duras realidades de la vida en el universo jujutsu kaisen 3

Among various prejudices and expectations, there are many things that are unfairly imposed on girls and women alike, and unfortunately this does not improve in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen . Because the world del Jujutsu It is mainly run by men who revere the old traditions above all else, Jujutsu sorceresses start out at a disadvantage.

According to Momo Nishimiya’s testimony, sorceresses are expected to be perfect and therefore the best of them will never be considered enough. It is quite clear that the “high officials” of the world del Jujutsu they have an old view of the world and women, but they are unlikely to rethink those views themselves.

6 Life can still be hell even with cursed power10 duras realidades de la vida en el universo jujutsu kaisen 4

To survive as a Jujutsu wizard, one has to become strong and train. This includes Cursed Energy and Cursed Technique, and once properly refined, a Jujutsu Sorcerer can be a force to be reckoned with. However, this does not always mean that life is easier.

Depending on the type of cursed ability a sorcerer has, he might have to spend every second keeping it in check so as not to harm his friends or loved ones, such as when Inumaki has to say the names of the ingredients in the rice balls to control his Speech. Damned. Another stressful thing that weighs on the mind of a Jujutsu wizard at all times.

5 Some curses have humanity, but you still have to kill them10 duras realidades de la vida en el universo jujutsu kaisen 5

There are many Cursed Spirits that are dangerous by default, and while it would be easy to call them all wild monsters, that’s not exactly the case. Some Cursed Spirits are smart enough to be on the level of humans and even have some level of emotion within them, but they still end up being a threat to be killed by Jujutsu Sorcerers.

There are also those who were human first but were mutated, which must also be taken care of. In this case, it is about ending their suffering. The morality of this isn’t exactly black or white, but Jujutsu wizards have to harden their spirits and not think about it.

4 The world of jujutsu is mainly run by horrible people10 duras realidades de la vida en el universo jujutsu kaisen 6

Although the world del Jujutsu is protected by Jujutsu wizards, that does not mean that the people who run it are altruistic. The three families of wizards, the Zenin family, the Gojo family, and the Kamo family, are the main rulers, but they are not exactly unified. In fact, there is a lot of animosity between all of them.

Although their goals are supposedly to protect humanity from the Cursed Spirits, the three families fight more for their own interests and the desire to dominate Jujutsu society. They don’t even really care about their family members as individuals, willing to treat them like trash or disown them if they don’t live up to expectations.

3 Humans are to blame for curses10 duras realidades de la vida en el universo jujutsu kaisen 7

Curses are known to hold a grudge against humans, but interestingly, despite their fondness for attacking them, they share a special relationship with them. Negative emotions filter a bit of Cursed Energy from person to person, building until a spirit is born from them. This means that every time someone feels angry or sad, they are helping to create a Cursed Spirit that could come for them one day.

With how brutal Cursed Spirits can be, it can be easy to see humanity as mere victims, but since negative emotions in humans are what create curses, humans are to blame for the existence of curses in the first place. .

2 Even Jujutsu wizards can die at any time10 duras realidades de la vida en el universo jujutsu kaisen 8

Jujutsu wizards are specifically trained to fight and eradicate curses; some train throughout their lives for this task. That said, just because someone is a Jujutsu wizard does not make them less likely to die; if anything, the probability of dying horribly increases.

Jujutsu Wizards can train their abilities to defend themselves against any curse, but even that might not prepare them for what certain Special Grade curses are capable of. Therefore, Jujutsu wizards of all kinds can die at any moment if they let their guard down even for a second.

1 If you are a normal person, you are basically never safe10 duras realidades de la vida en el universo jujutsu kaisen 9

People who become Jujutsu wizards, people who specialize in fighting curses, can become strong, but that doesn’t mean they are safe from anything. For ordinary people, it is much worse and most of them do not even know it. Since normal people cannot see Cursed Spirits, curses can get incredibly close without any of them noticing, and if the curse is strong enough, they can kill without warning.

These people are essentially never safe, with their lives threatened by unknown forces they could never see or understand, and they have no way to defend themselves. If you are a normal person in the world del Jujutsu , you are in danger at all times.