10 Things In Jujutsu Kaisen That Haven’t Aged Badly

In all, Jujutsu Kaisen has had monumental impacts in modern shonen anime. It made its mark and raised the bar entirely for the whole genre. Whether it’s breaking down stereotypes or framing shonen tropes in new ways, Jujutsu Kaisen brings new life to the anime.

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With art as iconic as this anime, there’s bound to be some rowdiness around some potentially questionable story arcs. Whether certain aspects of the anime are ambiguous or not, fans love the series. These flaws may not be enough to bring down the anime, but they were enough to cause a huge stir in some online subcultures.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

ten Objectification of women by Aoi Todo

Aoi Todo’s entire personality is an acquired taste. Rather, one of his few redeemable traits is his bromance with the main protagonist, Yuji Itadori. However, the sick and superficial reason this friendship was built in the first place is also a reason many disapprove of the character.

Everyone has a test to see whether or not they would get along with someone they just met. Aoi Todo’s filtering system is morally dubious to say the least. The first question he asks any guy he’s met (and ever will meet) is “what kind of girls do you like?” If the answer satisfies him, or in other words, if he objectifies them as much as he does, he declares them friends for life. He nearly killed Megumi Fushiguro for not liking women just for their looks.

9 Condescending shades of lovable characters

Showing_Jogo_the_Infinity_ (Anime)

Satoru Gojo’s powers are unmatched. The same could be said for his attitude and his confidence. He is arguably the most powerful jujutsu wizard the anime has featured, and his unwavering conviction when approaching any opponent is more than justified.

However, his satirical attitude could one day lead to his demise. The arrogance that comes with his limitless, almighty Curse Technique may be valid, but that doesn’t stop him from becoming increasingly obnoxious as the series progresses. Luckily for him, the pompous demeanor didn’t stop him from becoming a fan favorite.

8 Reality check by Kento Nanami

Kento Nanami in battle with manito

The whole of Jujutsu Kaisen is definitely on the darker side of shonen. Its undertones of horror appeal to an older demographic, but it’s safe to say that Kento Nanami’s dark outlook on life is scarier than any cursed spirit the series has to offer.

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His jaded attitude towards life and being a Jujutsu wizard make him the closest millennial character in all of shonen history. He considers being a Jujutsu wizard like any other dreaded nine-to-five job. Even in the middle of his fight with Manito, he checks his watch and reluctantly agrees that to win this fight he would have to work overtime. It’s even more depressing when the audience takes a journey through its history. He left Tokyo Jujutsu High to come back because being about to die while fighting cursed spirits was more appealing to him than being stuck in a cubicle all day.

7 The oppression of independent women

nobara kugisaki more powerful than ever

Nobara Kugisaki is one of the strongest female protagonists Jujutsu Kaisen has never seen. Knowing this, his little screen time and slow progress in power building is unwarranted.

The anime doesn’t do Kugisaki justice, especially when compared to how his character was fleshed out in the manga. The manga focuses more on character development, but the anime emphasizes action sequences and flashy colors. It makes even less sense when spotlighting Kugisaki’s fights. She lost to Momo Nishimiya in the Kyoto Goodwill event and was more or less out of place in the Cursed Womb arc. For a character said to have remarkable potential, Kugisaki didn’t experience as many wins as she should have. For an anime that spotlights feminism, Kugisaki’s lack of wins is inconsistent with the message they seemed to be championing.

6 The new opening theme is disappointing


It’s not uncommon for anime to take a different direction with their intro and outro music. The filmmakers usually modify them according to the scenario. To better suit the flow of the story and possibly heighten the impact, the intro and outro music are also getting an upgrade.

Unfortunately, there are cases where instead of an upgrade, it’s a downgrade. Eve’s “KaiKai Kitan” perfectly captures Yuji’s cruel fate. Who-ya Extended’s new intro, “Vivid Vice” just isn’t in competition. A line from the old song reads, “I can only imagine my future being swept away by a curse.” It doesn’t get any better than that.

5 Yuji Itadori’s Future Was Over Before It Even Started

Yuji Itadori eats sukuna finger

The whole premise of the anime is that the main protagonist, Yuji Itadori, is doomed. Right off the bat, Yuji swallows Sukuna’s finger and everything continually goes downhill from there.

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With good morals, admirable motivations, and his grandfather’s last words turning him into the Jujutsu wizard he is today, Yuji is cherished by Jujutsu Kaisen fans all around. The only time he abandoned his principles was when he was forced to murder Mahito’s experiments as he was unable to turn them into humans. This will make it even harder for fans to say goodbye to his inevitable death.

4 Yuji Itadori’s lifelong goal is to become Sukuna’s vessel


As mentioned above, character development in Jujutsu Kaisen the manga is just unmatched. Each of the characters in the series does not have as much depth as in the manga. For example, the death of Yuji’s grandfather carried more weight in the manga, shaping the kind of hero he wanted to be. In the anime, it was just glossed over as a sad little story arc for the protagonist. Because of this, the anime doesn’t focus so much on each character’s development. This diminishes Yuji’s value as his own person. He lacks a sense of direction and the anime makes it seem like the only reason he’s still alive is to die at the right time.

3 If fans love Gojo in the anime, then they’d be crazy about him in the manga

Satoru Gojo in the gorgeous anime

While a big part of why fans love Gojo is his good looks, his backstory in the manga would make fans swoon over the character even more. With so much going on, it’s nearly impossible to shine a light on every character’s backstory and ensure they’re sufficiently developed. Therefore, Gojo is barely given an origin or an explanation of how he truly became the greatest wizard of his time. In the anime he feels more untouchable as he functions as a lone wolf. But the manga leaves fans deep in its vulnerability. This humanizes the character and evokes more sympathy than what was achieved in the anime.

2 Gojo’s Character Development May Leave Fans Stunned When Anime Catches Up To Manga


If fans thought the animated version of Jujutsu Kaisen was dark and full of despair, they should prepare for the manga. Or at least when the anime catches up with it. The manga had Satoru Gojo trapped in the Prison Kingdom. Gojo is the strongest wizard in existence, but even Superman has a weakness. Gojo’s Kryptonite is a cursed tool that physically removes him from battle and binds him so tightly that he is barely able to keep Yuji alive. Not only does this greatly affect Yuji’s fate, but Gojo’s lack of character development in the anime doesn’t prepare fans for what the carefree professor might become when he emerges from it.

1 Yuji accepting Sukuna’s binding vow

yuji and sukuna in sukuna's innate realm before closing the deal

As if Yuji wasn’t doomed enough, his deal with Sukuna is the icing on the cake. Sukuna revives Yuji after ripping out his heart. The two make a pact in which Sukuna could take control of Yuji’s body for a minute, and Yuji would not be allowed to refuse. The anime is dark as it is, but this disturbing uncertainty kicks it up a notch.

Fans are constantly on edge, just waiting for the moment when Sukuna finally takes control of Yuji’s body and executes his master plan. Jujutsu Kaisen was already very dark, but adding that extra stress is overwhelming as fans wait for the other shoe to drop.

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