10 Times Anime Villains Beat The Hero

Heroes vs. Villains is a tale as old as time, but anime likes to play with the trope. Sometimes it’s vague who the villain really is, sometimes the villain is the protagonist and the hero is the antagonist, and sometimes the hero doesn’t win in the end.

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When a villain defeats a hero, it’s usually not for good, and the timing usually has a big impact on the plot and teaches the hero a lesson. Heroes can be taken down in different ways, and fights can be even or lopsided, but it’s always scary when the villain comes out on top.

Special Quality Finger Carrier vs. Itadori

Yuji and Megumi attacked by a Finger Bearer

Although it might not be the most memorable fight of Jujutsu Kaisen, the special quality finger wielder against Yuji proved that the series protagonist still has a long way to go. Yuji’s sacrifice saved Megumi, who would later gain redemption from a Finger Bearer.

Part of what made the fight with the Itadori & co. encountered so brutally is that the curse not only beat Itadori: it maimed him, creating a wound so severe that Sukuna had to heal it. If it hadn’t been for Sukuna’s takeover, Yuji would surely be dead. Of course, later in the same arc, he did just that (temporarily).

Heathcliff vs. Kirito

With Asuna’s release from the in-game guild, Guild Leader Heathcliff and Kirito faced off in a classic 1v1 MMO battle. Kirito would later get his revenge, but Heathcliff took it the first time.

What made this battle so interesting was how close it was even until Heathcliff used his developmental powers to activate auto-block, a secret that foreshadowed Heathcliff’s eventual reveal as an antagonist. of the season and creator of Sword Art Online. The fight was both a taste of things to come and a big moment for Kirito and Asuna.

Kiryu vs. Yusei

Kiryu vs. Yusei

Kiryu Kyosuke, a Dark Signer, was a dear friend of Yu Gi Oh! 5D protagonist Yusei Fudo until a battle of fate finds them pitted against each other. The two fought twice, with Kiryu taking the advantage the first time around.

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This is one of the most unbalanced losses of a Yu Gi Oh! protagonist never took. If it hadn’t been for Yusei’s duel runner malfunction before “Earthbound Immortal CCapac Apu” launched his final attack, the series protagonist would have lost his soul soon enough in the arc.

Grimmjow vs. Ichigo

Grimmjow emerging from a Garganta - Bleach

Accompanied cooling Bleach music, Grimmjow defeated Ichigo in one of the most lopsided battles in the entire series. Ichigo scarred the Espada with a mighty Getsuga Tensho, but he wouldn’t find his revenge for an entire arc.

Ichigo hadn’t lost a fight to anyone other than Aizen in a long time, so this was a daunting introduction to the true power of the Espada. Ichigo used everything at his disposal, while Grimmjow didn’t even need to consider bringing out his resurrection against the Soul Reaper.

Rafael vs. Atem

Yu Gi Oh! Rafael and Guardian Eatos

While technically Yugi was the protagonist of this Yu Gi Oh! series, Atem was the hero of most Yu Gi Oh!and the Waking The Dragons arc certainly followed him as a central character.

Much of the character development Atem received throughout the arc wouldn’t have happened without his loss to Rafael, making it one of the most important duels in the series. It is also the event that turned into several of the best duels of the season: Atem against Yugi and Rafael against Atem round 2.

Cell vs. Goku

Despite a lot of training, it was no secret that Goku was completely overwhelmed by Cell. Due to the power difference, Goku had no choice but to dispatch Gohan as a last resort.

Cell and Goku was a weird fight that never really had an amazing conclusion, it just ended. It was clear to Goku, Cell, and the audience that Goku was outmatched, so he called the next fighter with a chance to beat Cell. It was a disappointing ending that led to arguably the best fight of the series: Gohan vs. Cell.

Annie vs. Eren

The protagonist of The attack of the Titans wasn’t always the cold and collected Eren from season 4. He took a lot of beatings, and one of them came in a titan vs. titan fight against Annie’s female titan in season 1.

This fight is closer to the even end of the spectrum, but Annie had an advantage for most of the battle. Eren’s pure rage that fueled what he would become in Season 4 was on display during the fight. Despite his loss, it was a memorable moment for the character and the fans.

Rui vs. Tanjiro and Nezuko

Rui in Demon Slayer

Rui vs. Tanjiro & Nezuko was the type of fight that breaks the internet, and at the end of Legendary Episode 19, “Hinokami”, it looked like Tanjiro and his sister had finally defeated Lower Moon 5 once and for all.

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“Hinokami’s” sense of elation made it all the more heartbreaking when the Spider-Brother reattached his head at the start of the next episode. If it hadn’t been for Water Hashira Tomioka Giyu saving the day, Rui would have eliminated the Kamado siblings and ended the series with one last attack.

Hisoka vs. Gon

Hisoka and Gon fight in Hunter x Hunter

One of Hunter X HunterThe best episodes come in the Heavens Arena arc when Gon finally gets his chance to redeem himself after Hisoka defeats him for the first time.

Gon’s ultimate goal of landing a good hit on Hisoka, enough to finally give the clown back his badge, was Gon’s debt for the entire season. This was one of the few “wellness losses” a protagonist has ever suffered, as both Gon and Hisoka were able to show themselves to the audience.

Sasuke versus Naruto

While the two legendary rivals fought seemingly dozens of times, Naruto’s defeat to Sasuke in the Valley of the End was arguably the original’s crowning glory. naruto.

Naruto’s infusion of the Ninetails chakra against the second stage of Sasuke’s curse mark has been one of the most regular fights between protagonist and antagonist in the story. Not only was the fight incredibly intense, but Sasuke’s shock victory caused him to leave the Leaf Village for good, setting the main plot throughout the series (and much of Shippuden) stake.

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