5 Anime Characters Jolyne Cujoh Could Defeat (and 5 She Would Lose)

The sixth protagonist of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is punk heroine Jolyne Cujoh, who must fight for her freedom in the Green Dolphin Street prison and save the life of her father Jotaro. Jolyne is no ordinary inmate. She is also a Stand user and she wields a remarkable Stand named Stone Free.

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Jolyne’s Stand is a humanoid melee fighter, like Star Platinum, but that’s not all. It can also unravel into a string, allowing Jolyne to form string barriers, squeeze through tight spaces, and even grab enemies from afar and capture them, much like Spider-Man. Now, Jolyne must fight not only enemy Stand users, but also a wider variety of anime fighters in the Green Dolphin facility. She can beat most of them, but a few enemies are too strong even for her.

dix CAN DEFEAT: Darkness would love to get beat (Konosuba)

For Jolyne Cujoh, a clumsy isekai adventurer like the crusader Darkness is just a warm-up. Maybe Darkness finally went too far and got caught, and now she’s incarcerated alongside Jolyne. And only one of them can escape from this prison.

Darkness would challenge Jolyne according to her crusader honor, but the fight would get silly pretty quickly. Darkness would love to be bound and humiliated by Stone Free’s harsh ropes, and she relished Stands’ many punches to her durable body.

9 UNBEATABLE: Milim Nava is just too strong (that time I was reincarnated as a slime)

milim nav pointant

Despite her youthful appearance and clumsy troublemaker personality, Milim Nava is one of the strongest Reincarnated as Vase characters of all, and she is definitely the most powerful female character in this series. She is among the oldest and most powerful demon lords, and she has proven it more than once.

Milim’s speed, strength, and durability are many times greater than Stone Free, Star Platinum, or any other medium. Additionally, Milim can take flight with her bat-like wings and unleash Drago Nova’s devastating attack whether or not she is in her dragonoid form. Jolyne will quickly be destroyed.

8 CAN BEAT: Inosuke Hashibira can’t cut stone for free (Demon Slayer)

Inosuke raises his swords angrily

If Stone Free was a Blood Arts demon, then Inosuke Hashibira the Slayer would have no trouble defeating him. He could use his Nichirin Twin Blades to slice through his ropes and destroy his body, but alas, Stone Free is a Stand, not a demon. Inosuke will learn the difference too late.

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Stands are indestructible unless facing another Stand, and Inosuke certainly doesn’t have a Stand of his own. Thus, Stone Free could easily entangle Inosuke with his unbreakable ropes, then deliver heavy punches to knock him out. Inosuke’s swords cannot protect him from such an onslaught.

sept UNBEATABLE: Shikamaru Nara can use shadow possession jutsu (Naruto)

shikamaru looking to the side naruto

If Stone Free came within melee range of Shikamaru Nara, the tactical genius, Shikamaru would be beaten to death in no time. It’s the ideal scenario for Jolyne in this duel, but Shikamaru won’t let it come to that. He has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Jolyne is a smart and resourceful fighter, but Shikamaru is even more so, and he has the shadow possession jutsu on his side. He could easily hold Jolyne with his shadow and force Stone Free to go, then blast Jolyne with his explosive ninja beacons or just stab her with a kunai knife.

6 CAN BEAT: Kotaro Amon didn’t train to fight the Pits (Tokyo Ghoul)

Kotaro Amon is a skilled and dedicated ghoul hunter who can use a variety of quinques in battle, and he once fought alongside Kureo Mado, whom he looked up to. Kotaro knows what he’s doing, but if he fights a Stand user, he’ll be totally out of his element.

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CCG training prepared Kotaro to fight ghouls, not Stand users, and he won’t have a chance to adapt. Jolyne could easily block Kotaro’s quinque and capture him, then beat him into submission with Stone Free’s fists.

5 UNBEATABLE: Pride is indestructible (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Evil Face of Pride

Jolyne Cujoh would struggle against most homunculi from Fullmetal Alchemist : Confrérie, as they have supernatural abilities and can regenerate their wounds. She could hold back melee warrior Greed or block Wrath’s swords with her ropes, but Pride is another matter.

The shadowy Pride is the strongest homunculus, and his true body is a mass of shadows covered with hungry eyes and mouths. Even a powerful Stand can’t fight a monster like this, and Jolyne would be forced to retreat before Pride could tear her to pieces.

4 CAN BEAT: Shota Aizawa can’t neutralize Jolyne’s “quirk” (My Hero Academia)

Against most fighters in the my hero academia universe, Shota Aizawa/Eraserhead can use his Erase Quirk to nullify his opponent’s Quirk and gain a huge advantage, then hold his opponent back with a variety of traps and tools. Jolyne’s “Quirk,” however, is another matter.

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Stone Free might remind Aizawa of Dark Shadow, but it’s not really a Quirk, and so Erasure won’t have any effect on it. Aizawa has to fight with his fists and tools, and that’s not enough to handle Stone Free’s tricky ropes and devastating blows. Eraserhead is falling.

3 CAN’T BEAT: Sho Kusakabe Can Stop Time (Fire Force)

sho kusakabe

In his own universe, DIO the Vampire can freeze time with The World, and Jolyne’s father, Jotaro, can do the same with Star Platinum after a certain amount of time. It can turn any battle into a one-sided massacre, and even if DIO isn’t around, Jolyne must still fear this power.

Sho Kusakabe can use his ignition ability to cool the universe and stop time for everyone but himself, then slash his enemies to pieces with his katana. Shinra narrowly survived thanks to Adolla Grace, but Jolyne will be helpless and Sho will cut off her head right away.

2 CAN BEAT: Lisanna Strauss’ magic isn’t strong enough (Fairy Tail)

lisanna strauss fairy tail

Lisanna Strauss is the youngest of the three Strauss wizards, and like the other two, she can use Take Over magic to transform her body into other forms. As Mirajane transforms into a demon and Elfman becomes a monstrous brute, Lisanna models her magic after animals.

In battle, Lisanna can transform her arms into bird’s wings or take on a cat-girl form, among other combinations, but she does not have the power to defeat a Stand user. She can’t destroy Stone Free, and Stone Free can hold off Lisanna long enough for Jolyne to improvise a winning move.

1 UNBEATABLE: Satoru Gojo can wield infinity (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Satoru Gojo the Sorcerer already ranks among the most powerful anime characters of all time, and even his strongest enemies fear him. He has tremendous skills as a jujutsu wizard in hand-to-hand combat, and when using his infinite powers and domain expansion, he is unstoppable.

Satoru’s infinite power makes him untouchable even to the strongest curses, and he can trap his enemies endlessly if he wishes. He could do this to Jolyne if their fight goes wrong and trap the heroine Joestar forever. She won’t make it.

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