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In recent months, the manga JUJUTSU KAISEN It gained a lot of recognition worldwide thanks to its popular anime adaptation. Therefore, thousands of fans shouted with excitement when it was announced. JUJUTSU KAISEN 0, a feature film that serves as a prequel to the animated series. Sadly, this production was the target of much criticism from a sector of the community.

While fans in Mexico and Latin America had to wait until March 24 to enjoy this new film in theaters, fans in Japan were able to see it on December 24. Given the popularity of the manga and anime, the film was a resounding success and has already generated large sums of money.

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The official account of the anime on Twitter announced that, since its premiere at the end of last year in Japanese lands, JUJUTSU KAISEN 0 it has already surpassed ¥13 billion yen in grosses. So far so good. However, controversy was sparked when the tweet also claimed that the feature film is a hit in countries around the world like South Korea and Taiwan.

Chinese fans lash out at JUJUTSU KAISEN for mentioning Taiwan

In case you don’t know, China claims that the island of Taiwan is in its possession. However, the Taiwanese do not see it this way, as they claim to be an independent country. The years go by and this sociopolitical discussion persists.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder fans in China exploded in fury when the official account of JUJUTSU KAISEN claimed that Taiwan was a country. “Themes related to national sovereignty are absolutely unacceptable, no matter how interesting the animation is,” commented an upset fan.

Following backlash from the community, the anime’s official account modified the original tweet and now explains that the film was released overseas and was a hit in South Korea, Taiwan, France, etc. Despite no longer explicitly mentioning that Taiwan was a country, the controversy persisted for several days on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter.

Given this, the anime’s profile on Weibo acknowledged the discomfort of Chinese fans and issued an apology. “As an official account of JUJUTSU KAISEN In China, we were concerned about the content posted on Japanese Twitter and immediately contacted those responsible, so the content has now been reviewed. We deeply apologize for any harm caused to the general public, especially fans of JUJUTSU KAISEN“.

sorry message

Although the apology managed to slightly appease the anger of the fans, the complaints continued in the days that followed. Apparently, a sector of the community in the eastern country was not happy that the apology message was only broadcast on Weibo and not on Twitter.

But tell us, what do you think of this controversy? Do you think the Chinese community exaggerated? Let us read you in the comments.

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