A superhero in Jujutsu Kaisen? Truly ?!

In chapter 167 of Jujutsu Kaisen, released last week on MangaPlus, Higuruma finally decided to accede to Itadori’s request and thus add a new rule. This new and tenth rule now allows exorcists participating in the deadly stalking from voluntarily redeem one or more points. As a reminder, when the deadly stalking was launched, 8 rules were imposed and the 4th involved the death of players for the transfer of points. This new rule therefore allows exorcists not to have to kill an opponent to recover his points.

Kenjaku issu de l’adaptation anime de Jujutsu kaisen

However, players still have a period of 19 days before their cursed technique is removed from their score does not change. But while Higuruma was thus implementing this new rule, Fushiguro, he found himself face to face with Lazy. And while Lazy tells him about his assumptions about Kenjaku’s plan. Indeed, while everyone thought that Kenjaku wanted to use the cursed energy deployed by the exorcists participating in the death hunt, it seems that we are far from the reality of his plan. Moreover, the fact that he was invited by the Chinese government also raises questions about his influence outside of Japan.

As Fushiguro realizes the scope of Kenjaku’s plan, he tries to negotiate the points of Lazy and his allies, who refuse and decide to face him in 4 against 1. As Fushiguro finds himself totally under attack and searches for a solution to survive by all means, he realizes that he may have no other choice but to kill his opponents, collecting precious points in the process. And as Fushiguro succeeds in reducing the number of his opponents and realizes that the fight is likely to be totally unpredictable, a strange exorcist appears. Disguised as a superhero, Fumihiko Takaba enters the scene and protects Fushiguro from an attack. But who is he really. Is he going to be a drag for Fushiguro or can he really help him? The least we can say is that his arrival in history brings a dose of humor that we badly need and that chapter 169, scheduled for December 19 on MangaPlus, may be rich in emotions. It’s clear that Jujutsu Kaisen, which is the best-selling manga of 2021 in Japan, still has some things to show us!