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The Animated/Live Action Movie Adam By Eve: a live animation released an official trailer for the upcoming movie. The film, which first received a teaser in January, is set to release simultaneously in all theaters in Japan and on Netflix worldwide from March 15.

The film revolves around the music of Eve, a Japanese singer-songwriter and Vocaloid producer known for her song Kaikai Kitanwhich served as an opening for Jujutsu Kaisen. You can check out the official trailer for Adam by Eve below:

Apart from directing the film, Nobutaka Yoda is also working on the script and editing. Other directors include Hibiki Yoshizaki, Waboku, and Yuichiro Saeki. Animation studio Khara will animate the film, while khaki will handle the film’s visual effects.

Aki, a high school girl, is at a family restaurant after school with her best friend Taki. Taki tells Aki about the dream she had last night in which she was attacked by “Hitotsume”. Taki finishes talking about her dream and leaves saying “I’m going to the drink bar”, but she never came back.

Aki wanders around Tokyo in search of Taki, who has suddenly disappeared. At the same time, many people in Tokyo are starting to say that they have seen “Hitotsume” in their dreams. Aki also wanders through a strange world created by the mysterious “Hitotsume”. She is guided by Taki’s voice to the fictional town of Shibuya, where she cannot tell if she is in a dream or if it is real. What does she meet there?

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