Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation the Netflix novelty

A new animated film on Netflix

For the month of March Netflix offers us three new anime like kotaro en solo, Thermae Romae Novae and Adam by Eve: A live in annimation.

Inspired by the story of Adam and Eve the animated/live-action movie Adam By Eve: A Live in Animation has released an official trailer for the upcoming film. The film, which was first teased in January, will be released simultaneously in theaters in Japan and on the Netflix streaming platform worldwide from March 15.

This film is full of mystery and vibrant images, combining real image, 3D computer graphics and 2D animation.

Plot of the film

Aki, a high school girl, is at a family restaurant after school with her best friend Taki. Taki tells Aki about the dream she had last night in which she was attacked by “Hitotsume”. Taki finishes talking about her dream and leaves saying “I’m going to the drink bar”, but she never comes back.

Aki wanders around Tokyo in search of Taki, who has suddenly disappeared. At the same time, many people in Tokyo started saying that they had seen “Hitotsume” in their dreams. Aki also ventures into a strange world created by the mysterious “Hitotsume”. She is guided by Taki’s voice to the fictional town of Shibuya, where she cannot tell if she is in a dream or if it is real. What does she meet there?

Official trailer in VO:

The film revolves around music by Japanese singer-songwriter Eve, who is also a Vocaloid producer known for songs such as Kaikai Kitan (which was used as the opening for Jujutsu Kaisen), Dramaturgy, and Moreover. You can check out the official Adam by Eve trailer below: