Adult Swim Releases Teaser For Mysterious New Anime, Housing Complex C

Toonami is embarking on the original anime game Something Fierce in 2022, with anime shenmue continue to air new episodes and this fall should see the arrival of the chilling animated adaptation of Junji Ito’s Uzumaki. To expand on the anime horror front, Adult Swim has shared the trailer for Housing Complex C, with this trailer originally released by Toonami earlier this year after this original horror series was confirmed with the block of Cartoon Network programming set to give new seasons to the FLCL as well.

Horror as a genre is certainly not close to the scale of romantic comedies and/or fighting series in the realm of anime, although there have been a few attempts in the past, with tastes of The Junji Ito, Shiki and Blood C Collection to name a few. Certainly, although not classified as pure horror, there have been supernatural series such as Berserk, Bleach, Jujutsu Kaisen, and various Shonen series that haven’t been afraid to dive into creatures that definitely don’t seem to come from our Earth. Although there are still many mysteries surrounding the history of Housing Complex Cthe new trailer certainly doesn’t shy away from adding buckets of blood to the unique story set to arrive from Toonami and the animation studio known as Akatsuki.

Adult Swim shared the trailer for Housing Complex C which landed on Toonami earlier this year, giving fans the chance to catch it on Youtube to try and break through the story beats before this gruesome original series hits Cartoon Network’s programming block:

If you haven’t heard of Housing Complex C Previously, Adult Swim released the following official description of the programming block’s upcoming original animated series that seeks to flesh out the horror genre in the medium:

“Trouble seems to follow Kimi wherever she goes. What evil horror awaits “Housing Complex C”, an original series directed by Yuji Nara with an amphibian original scenario and concept, and the animation studio is Akatsuki!”

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