After its success in Japan, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 will soon arrive in France

Crunchyroll has just revealed the anime’s release date in French cinemas, and all that remains is to wait.

Still unimaginable a short time ago, the release of anime in cinemas in France is now commonplace. In recent years, fans of Japanese animation have been able to discover feature films in theaters Demon Slayer The Infinity Train Where Violet Evergarden, the film. 2022 should not deviate from this trend, since the next few months should notably be the opportunity to discover the latest film My Hero Academiathe highly anticipated One Piece Red or Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroannounced as a return to basics.

See you in March to discover the prequel to the manga

In an already busy year, anime fans will be able to mark a new date to go to the cinema: that of March 16th. It is from this day that Jujutsu Kaisen 0 will be visible in dark rooms. An announcement released by Crunchyroll, which specifies that the feature film will be available in VF or VOSTFR. As a reminder, the film is a prequel to Gege Akutamia’s manga. It is directly adapted from The Tokyo School of Exorcisma oneshot in four chapters by Gege Akutami, on the origins of Jujutsu Kaisen.

First released in 2017, the feature film follows Yuta Okkotsu, who saw her best friend Rika Orimoto die in an accident. Since Rika’s death, Yuta has been haunted by the ghost of his friend. But Satoru Gojo, the most powerful exorcist, brings Yuta into Tokyo’s exorcism school and becomes his teacher. He will help the teenager to master his powers and turn his life upside down. For fans of the manga, this film allows you to find the apprentice exorcists Maki Zenin, Panda or even Toge Inumaki. Furthermore, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 offers the opportunity to dig into the past of Gojo and that of Suguru Geto, the main antagonist of the manga. Distributed by Wakanim and Crunchyroll in France, the feature film could be entitled to preview screenings a few days before March 16, but these have not yet been communicated.

A film that never ceases to be a hit in Japan

Eagerly awaited by fans, this announcement is sure to delight the strong community of followers of Gege Akutami’s manga. Especially since a release in France was inevitable, as the film is one of the phenomena of the moment. Broadcast in Japan for a month, the feature film directed by Seong Ho Park and produced by the animation studio MAPPA has managed to attract 6.81 million spectators in dark rooms over this period. A total of 9.3 billion yen in revenue, or about 72 million euros. Results that have allowed Jujutsu Kaisen 0 to rank (for the moment) in the top 10 Japanese animated films with the most admissions in Japan. Passed by classics like Pokémon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back (1998), the production of Seong Ho Park could soon enter the top 15 of the most profitable films in Japan. For this, it will be necessary to exceed a certain Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabanwhich had raised 13.5 billion yen in revenue.