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By Juliet

– Posted on 16 Oct 2022 at 09:00

Shonen Jump rarely offers horror series. But there is one that is seriously starting to get talked about.

Halloween is getting closer and closer. While some will be looking for the scariest costume, others will be looking for spooky stories to tell. But in the manga world, few horror manga really impact the market. Of course, there are special cases like the author Junji Ito, who need no introduction. However, if you want to scare yourself with a manga, it can be a bit complicated, especially when you don’t know much about it. And it’s not the Shōnen Jump who could help you.

Nevertheless, while chain saw man could quite mark Halloween 2022, there is a new manga title that deserves attention. AliensArea, which currently has 18 chapters, has been released since June 2022, and the series is starting to get people talking. It may well be that she allows the Shōnen Jump to offer a new kind of history to its readers.

What is Aliens Area about?

Created by Fusai Naba, the story ofAlien Area follows Tatsumi Tatsunami, a man of special talents, as he joins a government organization called Foreign Affairs 5. This organization’s primary purpose is to enforce the laws surrounding extraterrestrial activities in Japan (it reminds us Men In Black).

In its first chapters, the series mainly sought to highlight all the possible activities that the agency had to respond to. It could be anything from protecting an alien princess to catching alien shoplifters. These different little stories first gave the impression thatAlien Area was still trying to figure out what his style really was. But everything changed with the release of Chapter 16.

Aliens Area began publication in June 2022.

Indeed, from the first chapter of the story, Tatsumi appears as a different man. His wounds heal instantly and no one is able to explain why. Following a medical consultation, a man, Hajime Sharaku, approaches him and asks him to follow him, presenting him with a police badge. He would like to tell her about a fire that took place six years ago.. An event of which Tatsumi has relatively few memories except that he saw a strange light. And in chapter 16, Tatsumi ends up remembering precisely what happened after the fire. He was kidnapped by aliens who implanted cells in him that gave him powers similar to Luffy’s in One Piece..

Aliens: A New Niche for Shōnen?

the Shōnen Jump has already offered us other slightly gory stories, such as that of Jujutsu Kaisen, for example. But the latter has moved away from his origin to, for the moment, be in a confrontation arc, making him a more classic shōnen. On the other hand, we have seen a series, whose extraterrestrials are at the heart of the story, gain in popularity and recently landed in France: Dandadan. Nevertheless, as popular as it is, this series is not really horrifying.

Alien Area

The title has everything to become a Shōnen Jump HIT.

The rise ofAlien Area allows us to see a new genre make its place within the Shōnen Jump and it is particularly refreshing. The latest released chapters seem to be heading in a pretty serious direction focusing on a major clash to come. If this title continues to gain momentum, Alien Area could easily become one of the best horror manga that the Shōnen Jump could publish. Its reading will also fit perfectly with the Halloween atmosphere!