And what a strange ally

Jujutsu Kaisen

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In the final chapter, Megumi finds herself having to face the Lazy Star team. After killing one of them, he finds himself alone facing two opponents until a new character faces his entrance.

In chapter 168 of Jujutsu Kaisen, released last week, Megumi Fushiguro found herself having to face the team of Lazy Star. Accompanied by two other men, Lazy seems ready to do anything to kill Megumi. As Megumi confronts one of Lazy’s men, Hari Chizuru, the new rule is added by Higuruma and is announced by Kogane. Taking advantage of the distraction caused by the announcement, Megumi manages to kill Hari with the help of Nue and Elephant of Plenitude, recovering 5 points. He was nevertheless seriously injured and finds himself having to face Lazy and his last ally. It was at this moment that Takaba Fumihiko, the actor seen in chapter 146 of Jujutsu Kaisen, appears out of nowhere and protects Megumi.

Megumi dans Jujutsu kaisen

Fumihiko to Megumi’s rescue

In trouble, Fushiguro has no choice but to trust this new ally. As the new companions strike up a conversation, they are cut off by Hazenoki, Lazy’s ally, who questions Fumihiko on her identity. The latter responds with a pun that, let’s put it plainly, is a total flop. While no one is laughing, Fumihiko begins to complain about having an ungrateful audience. He will take advantage of the attackers’ inattention to send Hazenoki flying with a powerful kick, surprising Lazy at the same time. Take advantage of the surprise, Megumi tries to attack Lazy by the shadows, without success.

He therefore decides to make an agreement with Fumihiko, who must then eliminate and especially recover the points of Hazenoki. Asking Kogane about Higuruma, Megumi realizes that Yuji has achieved his goal and that he can therefore completely let go of his opponent. And while Fumihiko accepts and attacks Hazenoki in different ways (including an attack reminiscent of the famous Secret Technique of the Hidden Village of Konoha – Thousand Years of Death you manga Naruto), Megumi expresses her relief at not being Fumihiko’s enemy. Megumi finds herself alone against Lazy in what promises to be an epic fight. This new chapter is a perfect introduction for the character of Fumihiko who brings a certain lightness. Nonetheless, Fushiguro is totally exhausted and injured and has to face an opponent whose abilities are little known. Should he use his expansion of territory? Or will Fumihiko succeed in helping him? The next chapter will be published on January 03 on MangaPlus.