Anime: 9 Anime Titles You Might Like If You Watch Jujutsu Kaisen

anime series jujutsu kaisenbased on the manga of the same name, which has become one of the most popular within the streaming platform Crunchyrollbecause in addition to being one of the most watched, it was the winner of the award for best anime of the year in the Crunchyroll Anime Awards last February.

And that now, that your movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0has reached theaters in Mexico and Latin America, increasing the number of its followers, along with the fact that its sales of the manga have grown since it began to be screened. anime, Well, the stories within it have struck some of the most sensitive chords among anime fans and critics, a shōnen action anime that continues to grow globally.

If you are one of the many followers who have already looked at their 24 episodes and they’re waiting for the second season to come or you just met her now that you went to watch her movie in the cinema then it’s a good time for you to check out other anime options that you might like now that jujutsu kaisen has caught your attention, so we leave you with a list of 9 anime series, which could catch your attention and where to watch them.


Studio MAPPA’s remake shares its premise, only it moves in the opposite direction, while Jujutsu Kaisen deals with demons and curses as well as reclaiming their human bodies, Dororo is set in 15th century Japan and follows Jujutsu Kaisen. a young ronin named Hyakkimaru, whose father made a pact with a demon, the day he was born without limbs or skin, so in order to obtain them, he must hunt the demons his father is indebted to. A dark anime, full of reflections in the style of Jujutsu.

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The God of High School:

An anime full of absolutely incredible fight scenes. This is a shōnen action series, based on the ongoing webtoon series of the same name by author Yongje Park, its characters look incredibly polished, so if you’re looking for a stylish action anime that keeps that adrenaline rush going, this is one. safe bet.

Available on Crunchyroll and HBO Max

Yuyu Hakusho:

This 1992 anime is an anime adaptation of Yoshihiro Togashi’s supernatural adventure and martial arts manga, it was one of the most popular of its time and its appeal is based on the story of Yusuke Urameshi, a 14-year-old delinquent who, In an unusual act of impromptu altruism, he sacrifices his life to save that of a young child, impressing the gods, Yusuke is recruited by the Grim Reaper Botan, to become a spirit detective, a sort of arbiter between the physical and spirit worlds. You are tasked with investigating paranormal activity and defeating malicious demons preying on humans.

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The quintessential shōnen anime, its main characters share a Jujutsu-like dynamic: you have a loudmouth protagonist, a shadier rival who helps the protagonist grow, a tough tough girl, and a charming masked teacher, but their motivations and personalities are very different.

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Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba:

A shōnen fantasy set in early 20th century Japan, it centers on responsible older brother type Tanjiro Kamado, who rather than defeat a demon within him, Kamado must find a way to free his sister. of a demonic curse, accompanied by a cast of disturbing enemies and share the crisp animation style of Jujutsu. His action sequences are a spectacle, his powers interesting and visually impressive.

Available on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll and Funimation

Soul Eater:

Created by Atsushi Ohkubo, it follows the story of Maka Albarn and Soul Evans, on their quest to defeat and consume the souls of corrupted humans, some of their characters have the power to transmute into powerful weapons and each fight, transforms into a death comically big.

This anime takes you into dark places and explores the inner struggles of its characters in surprising depth, where he negotiates with a demon within him to access all of his powers and protect those he loves.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood:

An anime with strong and complex female characters, gorgeous animation, monstrous adversaries and towering mentor figures, this title is for you as it follows the prodigious alchemist Edward Elric and his brother Al, whose soul has been trapped in armor, as they search for a way to recover his body, so during their search they will find more dark secrets about alchemy and the country they live in, uncovering a sinister plot that threatens the entire world.

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My Hero Academia:

The protagonist of the story, is Izuku Midoriya, he also begins his story as a powerless nobody and eventually gains unknown powers that he must learn to wield, his classmates and mentors help in his acceleration as a world-class hero, letting him cross a threshold. into an unknown world.

Available on Hulu, Crunchyroll and Funimation

Mob Psycho 100:

This anime title follows the story of Mob, an introverted young man with a kind heart with immense psychic abilities who works alongside his mentor Reigen, a con man posing as a powerful psychic, to take on apparition exorcism tasks for money, the series is based on the development of Mob, who becomes less dependent on trusting Reigen, gaining more confidence in training and maintaining healthy relationships with others, all this, with amazing animation.

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