Anna Lauzeray-Gishi (Classroom of the Elite voice actor) was fired by Crunchyroll

There’s gas in the air between Anna Lauzeray-Gishi and Crunchyroll ! On her Twitter account, the French dubber announced that she had been fired by Crunchyroll. The reason behind his ousting would be his participation in a fandub in French of the Chainsaw Man trailer.

Credits: TMS Entertainment

A sentence without appeal

It was through Lauzeray-Gishi’s Twitter account that we learned the disastrous news: Crunchyroll has ended their collaboration. The dubber who is the French voice of Kikyo Kushida in Classroom of the Elite, would have had permission to reveal this information on her networks after the agreement of the anime streaming service. From what she would have published, the abrupt end of her contract is due to her participation in a fandub of the upcoming series Chainsaw Man. As for Crunchyroll, he split a press release presenting the termination of his contract with the dubber without going into details.

“Anna Lauzeray-Gishi is no longer under contract with Crunchyroll for voice acting roles,” read a statement from the streaming service published by Anime News Network. “We cannot comment on the reasons for his departure but we wish him the best for his career.”

On the side of Anna Lauzeray-Gishi, this decision is excessive, because more conciliatory options could have been found. But Crunchyroll’s management wouldn’t have tried to exploit them. Lauzeray-Gishi took the opportunity to remind you that many voice actors are taking their first steps in amateur fandubs. This allows them to refine their vocal techniques. She ended by urging her fans not to harass the person who would take over the character of Kikyo.

You’ve heard it on other anime

Anna Lauzeray-Gishi is part of this new generation, which took its first steps in dubbing by collaborating on French fandubs available on the YouTube channel Re: Take. Re: Take. This account had specialized in parodying popular anime such as Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan. The comedian is also known for her roles in Rent-a-Girlfriend (Chizuru Mizuhara), Stop Getting Hot, Nagatoro (Sakura), Food Wars (Momo Akanegakubo) and Fire Force (Iris).