Anya from Spy x Family and Itadori from Jujutsu Kaisen meet in hilarious fanart

We know that one of the series that has generated a lot of popularity is Spy x Familyespecially for its endearing characters, as it is Anya, who with her skills and cute expressions has won the hearts of manybut recently there was a tendency to locate this character within other famous works.

It seems that a fan did not want to be left behind in putting the little pink-haired girl with another character, so he portrayed her with none other than Yuuji Itadori from jujutsu kaisenbut she has been a big surprise and her expressions could not be missing.

Via Twitter, a Korean illustrator Bingle_being shared a fun encounter between these two characters that have their pink hair in commonbut it seems that it is Itadori who has saved her, since he is carrying her carefully.

Source: Twitter @bingle_being

As you can see, Anya was totally surprised to read Itadori’s mind, because Anya has telepathic powers, so has seen that within it is Sukuna, the King of Curses who has seen her and therefore she is completely scared as sometimes happens in Spy x Family.

In that case, the young sorcerer doesn’t seem to understand or know about Anya’s abilities, so he wonders what is going on and must have realized that Sukuna is saying something in his mind. But it is a fact that Itadori will not allow him to harm the little girl of pink hair.

Without a doubt, this meeting has been something surprising and the work that the artist has done is perfect, so we hope to see the two of them again, playing at being spies or in any case, the sorcerer can teach her some rituals as in jujutsu kaisen.

What did you think of this meeting? Spy x Family Y Jujustu Kaisen?


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