Asterix, Adèle, Grendizer, Batman and other titans of the 9th art squat the Top 20

The Gallic hero still largely dominates the ranking of GFK / Livres Hebdo best sellers. The 39e serial number, Asterix and the Griffin (Albert-René editions), signed Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad, firmly maintains its leadership position for the second consecutive week, and is already approaching one million copies sold. The album is followed by Mortelle Adèle: Weird show! (Bayard Jeunesse). In the Top 20, comics and manga are more than good. In total, eleven comics and manga dominate the table. Among them, two new features: The endless world from Christophe blain and Jean-Marc Jancovici (Dargaud), 6e, as well as Batman Fortnite foundation (Urban Comics), 9e.

As for the novels, the leading peleton is completed by Guillaume Musso for The unknown of the Seine (Calmann Lévy). Agnès Ledig for its part made a start in the table, at the 18e place with The tiny queen (Flammarion).

Top 50 fiction :

The impact of literary awards for the 2021 season is starting to be felt in fiction sales. The trip to the east from Christine angot (Flammarion), Prix Médicis, climbs 24 rows (19e) and S’adapter from Clara Dupont-Monod (Stock), Femina price, increased by 22 places (5e). The Foreign Femina, awarded to Ahmet Altan for Madame Hayat (Actes Sud) for its part entered the ranking in 43e position. The Grand Prix of the French Academy, My master and my conqueror from François-Henri Desrable (Gallimard) between 45e. Finally, let us point out, the rise of 35 places of the finalist of the Booker Prize, Richard Powers who is placed 15e with Sidetracks (Southern Acts).

The leading trio remains dominated by Guillaume Musso, followed by Agnès Ledig (Flammarion) and Bernard werber (Albin Michel). Among the novelties, Blood and ashes from the American Jennifer L. Armentrout (De Saxus) makes a nice entry at 18e square. The journalist’s novel Sophie fontanel settles down with Capital of sweetness (Seghers) at 42e place.

Top 50 non fiction :

No change for the top three occupied by Eric Zemmour, the duo of journalists Gerard Invitation and Fabrice Lhomme, as well as the essayists Michel-Yves Bollore and Olivier Bonnassies. The phenomenon of the week is on the side of Cyril Dion, with Animal: each generation has its fight, here is ours (Actes Sud), book that accompanies the release of his documentary at the cinema on December 1st. In parallel with the Cop 26 which takes place in Glasgow, the test climbs by 34 places and is positioned 12e.

Elsewhere in the ranking, the book testimonial of the parents of Alexia Daval, killed by her spouse, arrives at the 13e place with Alexia, our daughter (Robert Laffont). Other novelties: Death in the face from Romain and Marion grosjean (22e) and feminist works such as Women and gods from Floriane Chinsky, Kahina Bahloul and Emmanuelle Seyboldt (27e) Where H24: 24 hours in the life of a woman, whose audiovisual version is currently broadcast on Arte, and which between 50e.

Top 20 pockets:

Nothing new has entered this ranking this week. The head of the podium remains occupied by Harlan Coben for The stranger of the forest (Pocket), followed by One in a billion chance from Gilles Legardinier (I read) who outclasses one rank The Cazalet saga, vol. 1: English summers d’Elizabeth Jane Howard (Folio).

Top 20 comics:

Asterix remains at the top of the ranking with Asterix and the Griffin (Albert René). The rest of the podium is occupied by two cult heroes: Grendizer (Kana) loses a rank in the segment in favor of the redhead heroine of Mr tan and Diane Le Feyer (Bayard Jeunesse), Mortal Adele.

Two new products arrive at 4e and 9e place, they are respectively Christophe blain, Jean-Marc Jancovici for The endless world (Dargaud) and Éric Henninot for The Bracing Horde, vol. 3: The Puddle of Lapsane (Delcourt).

Top 20 monthly manga:

Five new features are at the top of the ranking. To start with Kaiju, n ° 8: vol. 1 from Naoya Matsumoto (Kazé Manga), followed by the collector’s edition and the classic edition of volume 34 of The attack of the Titans, d’Hajime Isayama (Pika). La 4e place is taken by Koyoharu Gotouge for Demon slayer: Kimetsu no yaiba, vol. 19 (Panini Manga), series which has four places in the table with three other volumes in the series. The album is followed by Jujutsu kaisen, vol. 11: Le drame de Shibuya: ouverture de Gege Akutami (Ki-oon). A sixth novelty arrives at the 11e place : Fairy Tail : 100 years quest, vol. 9 from Hiro Mashima and Atsuo Ued (Long).